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After graduation

After graduation

The Tailor-Made BA Music in Education in Zwolle produces enterprising teachers who are widely employable in school and out-of-school music education.

Title and diploma

After graduating in the Music in Education (BEd) course, you may use the title of Bachelor of Music in Education. This study can be found in the Central Register of Higher Education Study Programmes (CROHO) under code 39112. The formal name of the course, by which this course is known in the CROHO, is Bachelor of Music in Education. This CROHO name will appear on your diploma.

First-level teaching qualification in music, culture and arts and general art

Your diploma means that you have a first-level teaching qualification in the subjects of music, general art, and culture and arts. This offers you many different opportunities. You can work as a music teacher in education. You could also work at or set up a music school, choir conductor or ensemble leader. You can also write music methods, work for an educational department of an orchestra, ensemble or opera company or set up social-artistic projects as an independent entrepreneur.

In recent years, all students who have completed the Tailor-Made BA Music in Education course have found a job. Many have become music teachers in secondary education, where are still many vacancies available. But many graduates also find work as independent entrepreneurs, by taking an enterprising approach in the wider music-educational field and creating their own work with choirs, companies, cultural organisations, start-ups and existing cultural providers.

Continued studying 

After the Tailor-Made BA Music in Education, you can continue your studies, for example in the Master in Education in Arts course or the Artist Educator master course.