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ArtEZ is looking for musicians who want to inspire others and help them develop. Do you love music, do you sing or play several instruments? Are you a 'social animal' who likes working with groups? Do you already have a primary school teaching qualification or a Bachelor's degree in Music? Apply for the Tailor-Made BA Music in Education in Zwolle. 

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Admission requirements for abridged Music in Education course

The part-time Tailor-Made BA Music in Education is intended for students whose enthusiasm drives them to further develop their skills. Would you like to apply for the course? If so, please take the following admission requirements into account:

  • you have a bachelor degree in Music or Music Therapy or Musicology or you have completed a teacher training course in a school subject other than music;
  • you work in education or you are likely to work in education in the near future;
  • this course is subject to language requirements;
  • you must do an assessment and pass it.


To apply for an entrance examination, please go to Studielink and create an account. We will only process applications submitted after 1 June if there are enough places available.
After you have applied via Studielink, you will receive an e-mail from the ArtEZ Student Affairs department. You will also receive an e-mail with information from the course about the admission procedure and the date on which you are expected at the Academy of Music.


Admission procedure

  • You deliver a portfolio in which you demonstrate your competencies. This portfolio is the guide for the assessment interview that you have with a committee.

  • If you do not have an Academy of Music diploma, you will also do an instrumental and vocal examination. This consists of:  

    • four instrumental pieces performed on your main instrument. The pieces should differ in style, character and expression;
    • four pieces in which you demonstrate your singing voice. This might be a pop song, musical song, classical song, children's song or jazz standard. These songs should also differ in style, character and expression. You accompany yourself on a harmonic instrument; 
    • if you play another instrument, you may also use that in your programme;
    • if you have written your own piece of music, we look forward to hearing it. 

    You will also do a music theory entrance examination, in which your hearing will be tested.

  • After the entrance examination, the Board of Admission advises the ArtEZ Academy of Music's Board of Examiners. The Board of Examiners checks that the procedure was followed properly and ultimately determines whether you will be admitted. You will receive the results in writing. If you qualify for admission, we will invite you to an interview about exemptions and the curriculum.

    Admission to the Tailor-Made BA Music in Education is only valid for the course for which you have applied. The admission is only valid for the academic year immediately following the entrance examination. If you wish to start a year later, you can submit a written request to the Board of Examiners to extend the validity of the results for a period of one year.

    If you do not agree with the negative result because of the procedure followed, you can lodge a complaint with the Board of Examiners.

Optimally prepared for the entrance examination

  • If you wish to prepare for the entrance examination, do the introductory lesson. During this lesson, you learn more about your level and possibilities. You can also discuss the programme components for a possible entrance examination.

    Apply to join a lesson at conservatorium.zwolle@artez.nl, stating 'Music in Education'.
    Introductory lessons are only held in the months December through March.

  • With the intensive music theory course and ear training, you can focus on preparing the theoretical part of the entrance examination.

    More about the intensive music theory course and ear training (Dutch text) 

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