Fashion Strategy

Within our two-year Master course we collectively work towards disrupting conventions, challenging beliefs and stirring change within the fashion system. We are concerned with fashion’s intangible practices. From examining where fashion lives beyond the cloth – for example in language, networks and spaces – we explore how fashion can play a fuller role in the production of real social, cultural and economic alternatives. What kind of language is needed? How should we organize ourselves? What kind of networks can we embody?

This is Fashion Strategy at ArtEZ:

  • Our curriculum is project-based. Students work collaboratively on several group projects under the supervision of a tutor and several guest tutors. Within the context of these projects, students are facilitated in formulating, exploring and refining their own research objectives.
  • Students are tutored by leading critical fashion practitioners and other professionals from the field of fashion, art and design.
  • Within our curriculum, we explore a variety of strategies such as intuition, writing, publishing, intervention, activism, reading groups, colloquia, curation, performance.
  • We are a learning community consisting of our students, tutors, guest tutors, professors, Centre of Expertise FutureMakers, other ArtEZ Master courses and professionals from the field of art, fashion and design.
  • As we highly value interdisciplinarity, we invite students from varied backgrounds into our course. We are interested in students who are critical optimists, independent, curious, and above everything else, are interested in fashion’s transformative capacities and are dedicated to contributing towards a more honest and equitable fashion reality.