Fashion Design

Want to become a fashion designer? Discover the Fashion Design course in Arnhem.

This is Fashion Design at ArtEZ:

  • Among the best fashion study courses in Europe.
  • With a focus on originality, authenticity and artistry.
  • Highly qualified and internationally-oriented graduates.
  • Highly challenging and creative environment.
  • Winner of the Grand Seigneur in 2011.

After taking this course, you will be a fashion designer with a powerful and unique style. You will possess a wide range of tools to carve out a place for yourself in the world of fashion.


photo header/banner: Jan Willem Kaldenbach


Ailene van Elmpt, photo Peter Stigter
Alissa Nicolai, photo Verena Blok
Boaz van Doornik, photo Peter Stigter
Christina Albrecht, photo Peter Stigter
Johanna Bas Backer, photo Peter Stigter
Johannes Offerhaus, photo Peter Stigter
Jorieke Tenbergen, photo Peter Stigter
Liesbeth Sterkenburg, photo Liesbeth Sterkenburg and Max Lanting