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Love for tailoring and fashion design

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“Everything is about getting things done quickly and making a lot of money. But I want to focus on bringing back traditions in my collection,” says Daan Pouwels, graduate of Fashion Design

Daan Pouwels, line-up
Daan Pouwels, line-up

In the video below Daan shows us a part of his collection and explains what influenced his work. What interests Daan are traditions, tailoring techniques, and working with your hands. But also how something fits. Those are the cornerstones of Daan’s collection. Michaël Borremans’ work served as a major inspiration. Daan explains: “They look like old images, but they’re actually very recent. That classical feeling was something I was looking for. And using colors to create that. I used contrast colors in my own collection to create a bigger image.”

“I really want to make conscious decisions. What I find very important are the techniques. Working with your hands. That’s valuable to me. And those values are lost in fashion nowadays.”

Daan shows us the opening look of his collection: a coat. But not just any coat, there’s something strange about it. “It looks like it’s the other way around, but this is actually the front,” he tells us. “I didn’t want the tradition of a coat to get lost. I wanted to add something to create a new image. It’s still a coat, but there’s something strange about it. Even if you just look at the color, by leaving it closed off at the front, it becomes much more grand.”

Daan is the prototype of the professional student. During the whole course, he has constantly performed at a high level. He’s very serious, but that didn’t keep him away from innovating and experimenting. He’s a real tailor with exceptional technical insights, and a love for men’s fashion. “I feel like I’m not done learning,” he says. “I find all the different aspects you learn about at the academy very interesting. I want to learn more. I don’t want to be stuck on only one thing.”

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The bachelor in Fashion Design at ArtEZ in Arnhem is one of the best fashion courses in Europe. During this bachelor course, you’re trained to develop yourself in being creative, original, and have a feeling for modernity. There’s also a focus on practical and traditional skills. You work in a close community, and you specialize in 2D or 3D. After you graduate, you can work as a designer or fashion illustrator.

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