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International Master Artist Educator

  • Master's
  • 1 year, full-time
  • English
  • Arnhem

We live through uncertain times. Now more than ever it is time to think and act creatively. We need imaginations of how the world could be, and artist educators who develop new approaches through practice arts-based research who can make these changes a reality.

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International Master Artist Educator

In brief

  • Develop your skills, capacities and knowledge to enable sustainable social change
  • Experiential learning through Site Specific Colleges in the Netherlands, Belgium and Northern Ireland
  • Working with communities on issues of local and international significance through socially engaged arts education
  • Unique approach to research: positioning arts-based research as a practice and core methodology in the context of critical education
  • Diverse and international learning community built upon inter- and crossdiciplinary collaboration
  • Dedicated and highly qualified teachers, educators and practitioners from around the world
  • English language classes in academic reading and writing by a TOEFL trained teacher

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To co-create a new generation of artists who develop their skills, capacities and knowledge to enable sustainable social change.


Become an agent of change

At iMAE we promote the concept of the artisteducator as one identity. This simply means we see art as education and education as art. Therefore an iMAE graduate is not an art teacher or teacher of art, but an artisteducator who uses their practice as a vehicle to enable agency and social change.

We draw attention to the need to work creatively across international boundaries to enable new understandings of cultural differences and diversity. We celebrate the international in our student community, our teachers and in the work we do through our Site Specific Colleges.

iMAE on camera

This master course has been accredited by the NVAO and, as a result, been included in the 2022 Master’s Guide.