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The perfect combination

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María Perez Lozao Humanes (graduated from Design Art Technology) takes an intuitive approach to her work. Gathering objects of interest marks the start of an installation, which is strung together associatively and through artistic and technological interventions.

The perfect combination
“A classical art academy seemed too straight-forward. Still, I did not want to just study programming or coding either. At ArtEZ I found the perfect combination.”

From Spain to the Netherlands

When a few of María’s friends were planning to study in the Netherlands, Maria took a look at the programs of ArtEZ out of curiosity. She did not have to look any further. Design Art Technology was a perfect fit.

“Moving from Spain to the Netherlands meant a lot for the development of my character. I have discovered that I don’t have to remain the same to be myself. I thank my new environment for this discovery. In the beginning, I felt resistance to change. But now I can see great value in integrating different cultural customs and views.”


María used to think that teacher’s advices were to be followed without question. She was not used to responding. Now, Maria considers the teacher more as a member of a critical audience. “I can make use of the professional opinion of the teacher to further develop my work. But I also get to choose which advice is relevant to my own vision.” 

María’s process

At the ArtEZ, María has learned to develop hew own artistic language and trust her intuition. Her artworks, such as the installation she developed as her final work, come about in an associative manner.

“The installation started with a doll house. I connected electricity to it. Later, I found an old, pink Disney television set. I wanted to contrast the sweetness of it and chose to have fake blood dripping from the screen. The blood brought about associations with horror and fear.”  

It all came together in a stormy landscape. Flickering lights, images and sounds of thunder and lightning. Even the smell of storm – which was added to the smoke in the smoke machine.

“I don’t want the visitor to just view the work. I want them to be immersed in it.”

Design Art Technology

The bachelor Design Art Technology educates artists and designers within the field of digital cultural, at the crossroads of technology and art.

During their studies, students get acquainted with the most recent theories of art, design and technology. They learn to materialize their artistic vision with the help of the newest soft- and hardware and to develop works of future- and societal value.

Design Art Technology alumni are quite literally the artists of the future.

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