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Music Therapy

Music Therapy

  • Master's
  • 1 or 2 years (ft/pt)
  • English
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The Master of Music Therapy offers you, the professional music therapist, the opportunity to advance and innovate your clinical and research expertise in the creative and international environment of ArtEZ University of the Arts.

Music Therapy

In brief

We offer different course of directions for those wishing to improve their clinical and research skills in evidence based clinical music therapy in institutional settings (health care facilities and hospitals), private practice and communities. The accredited ArtEZ Master is part of a well-established and unique music therapy community composed of a Nr.1 # ranked Bachelor’s in music therapy in the Netherlands, an equivalency Pre-Master course, the Master programme and a professorship in music therapy and music-based intervention. ArtEZ provides opportunities for interdisciplinary collaborations and a high-level training provided by national and international expert clinicians, professors and guest lecturers. 

The Master of Music Therapy adheres to international norms, including the American Music Therapy Association and the NVvMT (Dutch Music Therapy Association). It is accredited by the National Flemish Accreditation Organization (NVAO) and recognized for its specialization in the evidencebased practice of Neurologic Music Therapy. After completion of this course, you will earn a certificate of professional affiliation from The Academy of Neurologic Music Therapy.

The program provides advanced musical, clinical and research skills in evidence-based music therapy. The courses are designed for you to:

  • advance your clinical skills in a variety of (neuro)science informed music therapy, including counselling and clinical supervision;
  • develop your identity as a therapist and performer, including music technology, music therapy improvisation and culturally adept music therapy;
  • advance your research skills to be able to set up and conduct a research project, and acquire the necessary resources to communicate its impact.

A major part of the programme consists of the realization of your own personal study plan, through which you be able to blend and incorporate the different competencies of the Master. Your own personal project can comprise researching a specific music therapy method or population in depth, implementing music therapy in a diversity of settings, conducting a community music therapy project or innovating interventions through, for instance, technology. You will receive personalized guidance, as well as research tutorship throughout your entire studies.

Two modalities

You can chose to follow the course in the creative environment of the Academy of music at ArtEZ  in the 1-year full time modality or from your own country or city in the 2-year part-time modality.

On campus modality: 1 year full-time (60 ECTS)

Taught on weekly basis, on Thursdays and Fridays, through conventional lectures and complementing online classes. Two full days of lectures are in addition to your internship or work-experience hours.  Your clinical hours can also be completed as an intensive and supervised clinical or community project in the country of your choice in the months from December to February. Besides following the course classes, you can participate in the many weekly activities, e.g. workshops and rehearsals, taking place on campus, as well as in the Music Therapy Group for Parkinson’s patients.

Blended modality: 2 year part-time (30/30 ECTS)

The blended learning modality covers all courses offered in the fulltime modality and is composed of 4 yearly intensive weeks and weekly online classes.  The part time programme is designed for those wishing to develop music therapy in their own communities combining work and family life with graduate education. Weekly lessons are scheduled every Friday and personal coaching or tutoring can be scheduled with more flexibility during the week. You will carry out your clinical hours (work experience or internship) in or near your hometown. Suitable supervision from a qualified music therapist needs to be granted for those students needing to complete supervised internship hours. The part-time course load is approximately 20 hours per week.

Neurologic Music Therapy Training and Fellowship at ArtEZ

In the month of September, the 4-day Neurologic Music Therapy Basic Training takes place at ArtEZ Academy of Music. The ArtEZ Master facilitates and finances this training for its students. In the month of April/Mai, the Academy of Neurologic Music Therapy holds the Fellowship Training in Neurologic Music Therapy. Our Master students can follow this training for a reduced fee.