Music Therapy

The ArtEZ Academy of Music, ranked #1 in the Netherlands for it’s Bachelor’s in Music Therapy Program, is excited to announce it’s new full-time and part-time English Master’s in music therapy.

This Master’s program allows Bachelor’s level music therapist looking for the opportunity to advance their career to study in an innovative research-based program with classes that integrates the latest in music technology, advanced music therapy approaches, community music therapy, music and improvisation skills, advanced counseling techniques, and neuro-musicology. This ArtEZ program is nationally recognized by the National Flemish Accreditation Organization (NVAO) for it’s specialization in the evidence-based practice of Neurologic Music Therapy, and after successful completion of this program, student’s will earn a certificate of professional affiliation from The Academy Neurologic of Neurologic Music Therapy. If you have a degree in Music you may qualify for our one year pre-Master’s in Music therapy program which prepares you to apply for the Master’s in Music Therapy program. 

This is the programme Music Therapy at Master's level at ArtEZ:

  • A focus on advanced musical skills and artistic development within music therapy.
  • Emphasis on training skills for advanced music therapy treatment for clients with multiple or complex problems.
  • Innovation and support of music therapy treatment based on research.
  • Incorporation of music technology in therapeutic contexts.
  • Education and coaching by expert teachers from home and abroad.
  • Adherence to international norms for a Master of Music Therapy, including the American Music Therapy Association and the NVvMT (Dutch Music Therapy Association).

After completing this study programme, you will be qualified to offer music therapy treatment to clients with multiple, complex problems.

Full or part time
The Music Therapy Master programme is offered in one year full time (60 ECTS) and two years part time (30/30 ECTS).
Both versions start in August 2017 if there is enough interest. For 2017-2018, teaching days are Thursdays and Fridays (full-time) and Fridays (part time). The curriculum begins on Monday 28 August, with an intensive NMT training week. The part-time course load is roughly 20 hours a week (including teaching day).