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Part of Academy of Music

Part of Academy of Music

The ArtEZ Music Therapy course is the only Bachelor's in Music Therapy taught at an academy of music.

Studying at the Academy of Music

As a music therapist, your instrument is your most important tool. That is why we choose to be part of the ArtEZ Academy of Music, where students learn to get the most out of their instrument.
Muziektherapie vereist veel muzikale kennis

Musical skills of music therapists

The course therefore provides a broad musical education. You will have to be able to play various instruments and, of course, also use your voice as an instrument. Piano, signing and percussion classes are taught, and you will also take classes in an instrument of your choice.

Improvisational music is also an important component, both in the musical subjects and in the methodology and self-experience subjects. In the Music Theory Workshop, writing music is the basis for developing and learning to master principles of music theory.

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