Interior Designer

After graduation

"Space in the natural world has three aspects that we do not know how to deal with: it is unlimited, without form and immeasurable. Architecture is nothing else than what needs to be added to that space in order to make it liveable, visible and measurable." 

Dom van der Laan (1904-1991)

After graduation

After graduation, you have the title Associate Degree (AD) and can start work as an interior designer at an agency or organisation, open your own design studio, or continue your studies.

Interior designer at a company

As an interior designer you could end up working at an agency specialising in project design, interior design or architecture. You could also end up work for a developer, design studio, or in the design department of a high-end furniture corporation.

Freelance interior designer

You could also choose to work as a freelance designer. The services ArtEZ offers its graduates include starter guidance in setting up their own business.

Further study

If you wish to continue your studies, you can start in the Interior Architecture Bachelor´s programme.