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Living Monument - Sarina Bleumink - Archiprix 2020


Living Monument - Sarina Bleumink - Archiprix 2020
  • Master's
  • 4 years, concurrently
  • Dutch
  • Arnhem

Architects have a direct impact on society and play an essential role in improving it each day. As an architect, you have the opportunity to positively influence people's lives and the world around them through inspirational and creative work. You contribute to making the world a livable place for ourselves, nature, and future generations. It is a significant responsibility that you face, and now more than ever, we must take things in a new direction. As an architect, you play an active role in this process.

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Why choose the master's course Architecture?

Design education in an inspiring environment

You get highly visual and practice-oriented education in a small-scale, open and multidisciplinary environment.

High level training

You develop as an architect who delivers high-quality designs.

Make a difference

You actively contribute to developing a safer and more sustainable world with your creative designs.

Extensive opportunities for field trips

You broaden your horizons by participating in single- and multi-day excursions throughout the Netherlands and abroad.

Develop a pioneering attitude

You are challenged to experiment and go beyond the beaten track.

Combined, concurrent education

You get concurrent education: you study and work simultaneously, meaning that you apply what you learn immediately.

Learning to look at things in a different way

As a master's student in Architecture at ArtEZ, you will explore themes like space, materials, context, and storytelling. You will creatively and conceptually devise spatial solutions for design challenges of today and learn how to implement them effectively.

In this course, you will learn to think freely and creatively, allowing you to perceive things from a different perspective. During four years of study, you will develop into a well-equipped and exceptional professional who can shape the relationship between people and their surroundings, whether as a technical draftsman, designer, or architect.

Balance between dreaming and doing with concurrent education

The master's course Architecture at ArtEZ offers a concurrent educational programme, meaning you study and work simultaneously. You will attend classes and study in Arnhem on Friday and in the morning on Saturday. During this time, you will work on architecture's creative side: experimenting, pioneering, reflecting, and designing freely. In addition to this study component, you will work 20 to 32 hours a week at an architectural firm. There, you will directly apply what you learned during the course.

This master's course doesn't push you in one specific direction but instead helps you find a place to make your mark. It was precisely through experimentation that I could discover where my talents lie. For example, I learned that I am good at communicating designs in a way that tells a story."

Antoine Bowers, almunus 

With your diploma, you can register in the Architects' Register and use the title 'Architect.' Based on the student ratings included in Master’s Guide 2023., this master's course scores above average under the topic Preparing for a career.