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Living Monument - Sarina Bleumink - Archiprix 2020


Living Monument - Sarina Bleumink - Archiprix 2020
  • Master's
  • 4 years, concurrently
  • Dutch
  • Arnhem

Architects have both feet firmly planted in society and make an important contribution to it. As an architect, you influence and improve people's lives with creative and inspiring work. You are pre-eminently a designer and a conceptual image maker. Want to become an architect? Apply for the Master Architecture at ArtEZ in Arnhem (programme in Dutch).


In brief

  • Concurrent education: study and work at the same time
  • Visual and atmospheric projects
  • Encouraging a pioneering attitude
  • Small-scale and personal master education
  • Open and creative culture
  • Collaboration with other artistic disciplines
  • Diploma entitles listing with the Bureau Architectenregister (Register of Architects)

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Becoming an independent architect

Architecture is a human science in which new technologies, new materials and digital innovations play an important role. And not only that: social discussions and personal convictions are also reflected in a design. During the Master Architecture at ArtEZ in Arnhem, you learn to become an independent architect, taking all these elements into account. After the course you will be able to create a consistent architectural design and supervise its correct execution.

Concurrent education

The Architecture master course at ArtEZ offers concurrent education. This means that the course comprises both study and work. You will work 20 to 32 hours a week at an architectural firm. There you can directly apply what you have been taught during the master course. You study in Arnhem on Friday and on Saturday mornings. You get to work on the creative side of architecture: you experiment, pioneer, reflect and design very freely. In this way, you will develop into a distinctive architect with your own style and the knowledge and skill to take the lead.