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Application and admission

Application and admission

Besides curiosity and a strong sense of fantasy and imagination, for the Animation Design course you must fulfil several diploma and language requirements. 

Admission requirements Animation Design

  • VWO (pre-university education), HAVO (senior general secondary education), MBO (level 4) (senior secondary vocational education and training) or equivalent diploma 
  • This course is subject to language requirements
  • Positive result for the entrance exam. In this exam, we assess your chances of successfully completing the course. 

We test: 

  • Your creative ability: drawing skills, the ability to express yourself visually, to work from the perspective of observation and conceptually. It is important that you have an understanding and feel for colour, form and material. We also expect your work to radiate originality.  
  • Your storytelling ability: in your portfolio and in your assignments, you demonstrate your storytelling ability. You have animations or films in your portfolio. You can also demonstrate your storytelling ability in written text or in (animation) films. 
  • Your ability to communicate: you are a skilled communicator. You share your fascination and inspiration and display determination and discipline. 
  • Your critical reflection: You have an investigative and experimental mindset, interest in art and culture and a focused interest in the profession. You show analytical and language skills. 

Information when applying 

When applying in Studielink, you pick a date for the entrance examination. You will then receive information about the admission process, the related home assignments and the questionnaire (CV form) by e-mail.  

The two phases of the interview 

The first phase of the entrance examination consists of the assessment of a digital portfolio. The second phase consists of an extra admission assignment and a day spent working at the academy. 

Phase one: assessment of the portfolio and admission assignments 

You submit a digital portfolio and two completed assignments. Once you have applied, you will receive detailed assignment instructions. 
For the digital portfolio, we are interested in the work you have been doing at home, at school or on some form of course over the past three years. This might be both two-dimensional and three-dimensional work. If necessary, take photos of the three-dimensional work so that the committee members can get a good impression of the work. Also show sketches which provide insight into the creative process. 
You make the portfolio in pdf format. The committee can then scroll through your material. Submit (animation) films in mp4 format. You can also make a website (e.g. with WIX). In that case, add the link in a Word file.  
During our open days, you can get advice about your portfolio. This can help you prepare for the admission. 

Phase two: selection day, extra home assignment and interview 

After a positive assessment of the first phase, you proceed to the second phase. You complete an extra admission assignment and spend a day working at the academy. During that day, you also talk to two teachers from the course. They will particularly observe your communicative and reflective skills.  

Admission Dates

1st admission round
Mondag 27 February: hand in portfolio before noon (12:00)
Tuesday 7 March: phase 2 + invitation and assignment
Saturday 11 March 2023: entrance exam at the Academy

2nd admission round
Friday 31 March: hand in portfolio before noon (12:00)
Tuesday 11 April: phase 2 + invitation and assignment
Saturday 15 April 2023: entrance exam at the Academy

3rd admission round
Friday 28 April: hand in portfolio before noon (12:00)
Monday 8 May: phase 2 + invitation and assignment
Saturyday 13 mei 2023: entrance exam at the Academy


Result and validity 

After phase one, you are told whether you can proceed to phase two or are being rejected. The admission committee advises the board of examiners at the end of the entrance examination. You will be notified within four weeks if you will be admitted.  
An admission is only valid for the course for which you have applied. If you wish to be admitted to a course or specialisation at a different location, you must apply for this separately. The admission is only valid for the academic year immediately following the entrance examination. 

Apply now

You can apply for the course via Studielink. Before you do so, please read the admission requirements and application procedure below.

Apply directly with Studielink