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Interior Architecture
Master Interior Architecture | finals work: Going out of binary | Sila Öztekin

Interior Architecture

Master Interior Architecture | finals work: Going out of binary | Sila Öztekin
  • Master's
  • 2 years, full-time
  • English
  • Zwolle

Corpo-real, the ArtEZ master Interior Architecture, provides a LAB-based community in Zwolle dedicated to investigating the relation between the ‘corpo’ (physical, psychological, digital, spiritual and virtual bodies) and the ‘real’ (the here and now – and beyond). Give free rein to artistic research and experimental thinking and making. What is space? Why do we create spaces at all? How do they function in context of our daily lives and society?

Interior Architecture

In brief

  • Approaching (research) questions and projects in the context of wider social issues
  • A stimulating setting to develop an innovative, analytic and experimental attitude
  • Unravelling the notion of space on a conceptual and all-embracing level
  • Intertwining theoretical and artistic research in context of current societal events
  • Tantalizing and diverse input for contemplative and critical innovations and designs
  • Incorporating your individual interests into the larger picture of our world
  • Interdisciplinary LAB-based community of professionals from various backgrounds
  • Take the next step in your career and development as an interior architect

Late Non-EU applications possible until 1 March! Read more on the Admission page.

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Far-borne voice in the field

What sets apart the master Interior Architecture (Corpo-real) at ArtEZ is its broad social approach. Starting from the notion of space, you develop an innovative, analytic, and critical attitude. Intertwining theoretical and artistic research, you work on analytical innovations and experimental research. In doing so you are not only enhancing your own professional practice, but also actively adding to the articulation of the field and discourse on social sustainability.

Preparation tips

Do you first want to find out if the ArtEZ Master Interior Architecture suits you? Consider joining the Corpo-real Summer School. Do you want to thoroughly prepare yourself for the master Interior Architecture? Consider signing up for the twelve-week Corpo-real pre-master Interior Architecture.

Learn more about the Interior Architecture Master's programme at the Corpo-real website.

Corpo-real on camera