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Interior Architecture
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Master Interior Architecture (Corpo-real)

Rhijnvis Feithlaan 50
8021 AM Zwolle
The Netherlands

Ingrid van Zanten (head)
Roos Krootjes (programme coordinator)

Phone: +31 (0)38 42 70 500
E-mail: corporeal@artez.nl
E-mail admissions: corporeal-admissions@artez.nl


Head of Master's courses ArtEZ

Iris Eshel
Onderlangs 9
6812 CE Arnhem

Location and more information

Master's courses at ArtEZ are spread across ArtEZ's various academies in Arnhem, Zwolle and Enschede. For an overview of all the locations of the Master's courses, go to artez.nl/en/contact.