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BEAR is looking for contrary thinkers and makers, who long for an environment in which they can experiment freely and radically. 

Jan Kuhlemeier
Jan Kuhlemeier

Individual portfolio check

Are you considering applying for the Fine Art course in Arnhem? You can request a portfolio advisory session of about thirty minutes, during which we look at your possibilities to come and study with us and give you advice on how to prepare for the admission procedure.

Make an appointment by sending an email to our course administrator Tjoe Fang King, t.king@artez.nl.

Exchange opportunities

An exchange is an excellent opportunity to broaden your horizons, work with people from different cultural backgrounds and practise your language skills. Would you like to study at the Bachelor of Base for Experiment, Art and Research (BEAR), Fine Art at ArtEZ in Arnhem for a short period? Our course curriculum is offered in both English and Dutch. Discussion in which English speaking students participate are always conducted in English.

More information

Admission requirements

If you wish to apply for the Fine Art bachelor course, you must meet the following conditions:

  • pre-university education (VWO), upper general secondary education (HAVO), secondary vocational education (MBO: level 4) or equivalent;
  • this course is subject to language requirements;
  • you must successfully complete an admission procedure. 

If you are in any doubt as to whether you will be able to meet the diploma requirements at the start of the course, please get in touch with Student Affairs before applying.


Applications for the Fine Art course in Arnhem can be made in Studielink. Please choose your preferred entrance examination date. After you have applied, the course will send you information about the entrance examination. You will also receive an email containing homework and a link to an online questionnaire.


Admission dates

  • 1st Entrance exam: 8 December 2020
  • 2nd Entrance exam: 2 February 2021
  • 3rd Entrance exam: 30 April 2021
  • 4th Entrance exam: 11 May 2021
  • 5th Entrance exam: 22 May 2021
  • 6th Entrance exam: 6 July 2021 

Entrance examination

After applying for the selection, you will take the entrance examination. There is no charge for this. During the entrance examination, we assess whether Fine Art is the right course for you and whether you have sufficient talent and motivation to succeed in the course. We test:

      • Your creative ability: your ability to express yourself visually, to work based on observation and concept.
      • We will also be looking for things such as understanding of and feel for colour, form and material and the individuality expressed by your work.
      • Your motivation and ability to communicate. How good are your communication skills? To what extent are you able to share your fascination and inspiration? How much decisiveness and discipline do you display?
      • Your ability to reflect critically on images. Here we will be looking for an inquiring and experimental attitude, curiosity and a genuine interest in contemporary art practice.

Selection day

      The entrance examination takes place on a selection day and consists of two parts:
  • On the selection day you have an interview with tutors and students of BEAR and we have lunch in the department. During the interview, you present your homework, which you received upon applying, and a portfolio of your own free work. You explain it and talk about the ideas behind your work. Foreign students are welcome on the selection day, but can also have this interview via a video call.

    You can populate your portfolio yourself with various works, including drawings, paintings, photo series, animations, websites, furniture, clothes, posters, etc. Bring not only finished products, but also designs and drafts that provide insight into the creative process. Work that cannot be transported can be photographed or filmed and presented online or using a USB stick.

  • You will work on a number of assignments during the selection day.

    The admissions committee that interviews you will advise the Board of Examiners whether or not you should be admitted.

Result and validity

The admissions committee will advise the Board of Examiners whether or not to admit you. You will be notified of the result within three working weeks of the entrance examination.

An admission is only valid for the course for which you have applied. If you want to audition for a course or specialisation at a different location, you must register for that separately. The admission is only valid for the academic year immediately following the entrance examination.

Arrive for the entrance examination properly prepared

Do you wish to enrol on the BEAR propaedeutic year after secondary school? Then take the preparatory course in Art & Design in Arnhem first.
This preparatory course prepares you thoroughly for the entrance examination.