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Living Monument - Sarina Bleumink - Archiprix 2020


Living Monument - Sarina Bleumink - Archiprix 2020
  • Master's
  • 4 years, concurrently
  • Dutch
  • Arnhem

Architects are designers and conceptual visual artists. With their work, they can influence and enhance people's lives and make them more enjoyable. Want to become an architect? Follow the Architecture master's programme at the Academy of Architecture in Arnhem.


In brief

  • concurrent education: study and work
  • visual and atmospheric
  • pioneering attitude
  • small-scale and personal
  • open and creative culture
  • collaboration with other artistic disciplines

The diploma entitles you to be listed with the Bureau Architectenregister (Register of Architects); the extramural curriculum is equivalent to the professional experience period as set out in the Academic Titles (Architects) Act. With the diploma, you may use the title of Architect.