Animation Design



During the Animation Design course in Zwolle, you will learn to animate, with the main focus being on story-telling.

Authorship: self-creating

An animator is a storyteller who shapes a story through cinema. The creation of content, or authorship, is important. Therefore, during the Animation Design course, you will develop your personal style of storytelling. The programme Storytelling focuses on the fundamentals of writing stories.

Professional maker

You will mould ideas into stories, journalistic pieces, and informative products, of which you are the author and professional maker. The results of this will be productions, such as commercials, manuals, banners, informative items, and animated films with content that you have created. You will learn to use the professional process for the production of animated films. Through this, you will develop component products, such as the script, characters, storyboard, and moving storyboard.

Analogue and digital techniques

You will develop your observation and storytelling through plenty of drawing and creating, both by hand and with the aid of digital techniques. The story determines the choice of medium: live-action film, stop motion, hand-drawn, or 3D animation (e.g. working with puppets, armatures, or combinations of animation and live-action). The main emphasis is on learning to tell stories through movement rather than on the technique of 3D computer animation.

Artisanal and experimental animation

Animation is an artisanal trade, whereby you learn to narrate by means of moving images. Good animation is based on the ability to draw and the capability of letting a movement proceed naturally and expressively. Aside from learning to systematically use the professional process, which will enable you to work as part of a professional team, you will also learn to make use of free association and to experiment. You will be constantly challenged to push your limits and to search for an authentic and innovative way of storytelling and depicting.


The creative process will be nurtured through courses that transfer knowledge about art, culture, and professional practice and through which you will learn to think about your personal role as a maker. After completing this course, you will know the story you wish to tell, to whom you wish to tell it, how you will achieve this, and how you can reach your audience.