Enrolment and re-enrolment

If you are found admissible after the entrance examination or audition, you need to satisfy the enrolment criteria to enrol on your course. Subsequently, you will have to re-enrol for each new academic year.

If you have completed your enrolment by 31 August you will be enrolled at ArtEZ as of 1 September. This is to say that the enrolment or re-enrolment has been finalised via Studielink and that you have met all other enrolment criteria. The current students have to do a re-enrolment application through Studielink for the following academic year at ArtEZ. Are you changing courses at ArtEZ? Then submit a new enrolment application through Studielink.

The Student Affairs Department will inform all new and current students about their (re-)enrolment. You can read all information about (the conditions for) (re-)enrolment and (payment of) tuition fees on our website. You can use the Studielink step-by-step plans to arrange your (re-)enrolment through Studielink.
Studielink will keep you informed of the progress of your registration or re-registration application by email, so check your mailbox regularly!

Enrolment criteria

After you have passed your entrance examination/audition for your course at ArtEZ, you will have to meet the enrolment criteria below by 31 August to be able to start with your course at ArtEZ as of 1 September.

Read the detailed information about the enrolment criteria (download) carefully. 

International students
International students may be subject to additional registration conditions, such as a residence permit or language course.
Read our brochures for more information:

It is always possible to contact the Student Affairs Department for more details.

Please note: if you are a non-EU student, we strongly advise you to fulfill the enrolment criteria before
the 1 June. That will give us time to arrange your visa and permit before the start of the academic year.
If the 1 June isn’t possible for you, please contact the Student Affairs Department.

Studying with an impediment

Are you going to study at ArtEZ and do you have a study impediment? It’s important to inform the
student counsellor as soon as possible about your study impediment. 
Go to studying with an impediment for more information.

Student card

You will receive a student card as proof of your registration. The Student Affairs Department will inform you before the start of the academic year. 


If you fail to meet the enrolment criteria on time, you will not be allowed to start or continue your studies and hence not to sit exams.

Cancellation of registration

You can withdraw or cancel your registration for the academic year 2018-2019 free of charge up to and including
31 August 2018 using Studielink.