If you wish to be admitted to a Bachelor’s, Master’s or Associate Degree programme, you must first register via Studielink, the online enrolment system for higher education.


Registering in Studielink:

1. Go to ArtEZ in Studielink.

2. Create an account.
If you live in the Netherlands, you must enter your DigiD and other personal information to create an account. You can request a DigiD via This can take up to several working days.
If you (still) don't live in te Netherlands, you have to log in with a Studielink username and password, because it isn't possible to log in with a DigiD.

3. Register for the admissions procedure of the desired programme (maximum of 4, you can register from
October 1st). Your registration will then be sent via Studielink to the Student Affairs Department of ArtEZ.
Go to Dutch Art Institute (DAI) ART PRAXIS if you want to register for the admission procedure of this Mastercourse.

Tip: Studielink has a step-by-step plan to help you along. You will also find answers to 'frequently asked questions'.

When entering information in Studielink, please note the following:

  • In Studielink you can select study programmes at locations where ArtEZ does not offer them. That is why in Studielink, the location is stated directly after the programme name, for example Theatre in Education Arnhem and Theatre in Education Zwolle.
  • In Studielink, you must choose between full-time and part-time studies. ArtEZ only has a few part-time programmes. You will find this information under the study duration.
  • For the Dance and Dance in Education Bachelor’s programmes, you must upload a passport photo. Via Studielink, you will be redirected to an online form where you can upload your photo.
  • If you make an incorrect choice, you will need to re-submit your registration in Studielink. The Student Affairs Department will contact you.

Registration deadline

The deadline varies between programmes. An early registration is required for some programmes, while for other studies, registration is still possible after 1 May. Check the admission dates of your programme of choice and read the admission requirements thoroughly.

Colloquium doctum

In very exceptional cases, students who do not meet the statutory requirements can be admitted through a ‘colloquium doctum’ procedure. This is only possible if the entrance examination indicates that you are exceptionally talented and the examination committee chooses to nominate you for this procedure.
Please note: the colloquium doctum procedure is only possible for admissions to the Bachelor courses.

Enrolment after admission

Once you have been admitted, you have to enrol for the programme via Studielink from mid-June. You will be informed in advance by the Student Affairs Department.