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Polyphonic Landscapes

Artistic research
Technology & information
Theory in the Arts Professorship
  • Partner(s): Zone2Source
  • Financier(s): Nationale Wetenschaps Agenda (NWA)
  • Started in: December 2022

The climate crisis requires us to revisit how we as humans relate to nature, our environment and the landscape: nature is not merely a backdrop against which our lives enfold, but we are entangled with nature and the landscape. Polyphonic Landscapes, a research project led by The ArtEZ Professorship Theory in Arts, explores if - and how - sound can bring us closer to landscapes, and alter our understanding and relation to landscapes altogether.

Polyphonic Landscapes

The murmuring of the landscapes

We are currently living in the Anthropocene: a geological era in which humankind has become a major force in shaping the Earth. As a result, the concept of landscape has acquired a renewed urgency in contemporary philosophy and art. Polyphonic Landscapes brings together sound artists and scientists to explore how sound can contribute to more sustainable ways of life. What happens we can not only see a landscape, but also hear it?

The sound of Amstelpark

Polyphonic Landscapes will work in close collaboration with the Amsterdam platform for art, nature, and technology Zone2Source, the research activities are to take place in the fifty-year-old Amstelpark: a hybrid environment in which nature and city are closely intertwined. The participants will be given a year to explore the sonic environment of the location. During this period of investigation, public seminars are organized at to discuss the research and the methodologies used.

Besides public seminars, Polyphonic Landscapes will also share the results of their research in a special, multi-media publication, published on ArtEZ’s own platform for artistic research: APRIA.

Stay informed and attend the public seminars?

Polyphonic Landscapes will post regular updates about this project. Make sure to keep an eye out on their project page to stay informed

Visit the website of Polyphonic Landscapes

Coördinators of Polyphonic Landscapes:

Dr. Peter Sonderen, en Joep Christenhusz (Lectoraat Theorie in de Kunsten)

Artistic researchers:

Budhaditya Chattopadhyay , Yolande Harris,  Teemu Lehmusruusu , Lia Mazzari

Curious about the NWA and the Art Route?

The Nationale Wetenschapsagenda (National Science Agenda) connects researchers to questions formulated by – and arising from – society. NWA/NWO awards funding to projects that aim to unravel and explore these questions. Polyphonic Landscapes receives a grant (as part of the project Bit by Bit, or not at all) from ‘Art Route’, a specific route within NWA that stimulates collaboration between researchers and artists, theory, and arts.