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Specific admission criteria for Composition

  • The general theory/aural requirements are the same as those for Jazz & Pop. Additional requirements: basic knowledge, harmony theory (functions, scale steps and applied dominants), and the ability to create a four-part arrangement for a given melody with chords;
  • Notation software: the ability to create a clear and legible score with Sibelius, Finale or Logic. Sequencing: some experience of a sequencing programme such as Cubase, Logic or Protools;
  • Performing: the ability to play an instrument or sing at the level expected for a reasonable amateur band. Alternatively, the ability to demonstrate basic musicality on an instrument;
  • Piano: the ability to play a simple chord progression (from chord symbols), to create a harmonic summary from a notation extract (e.g.: for a piano) and to use the piano as a composition tool; 
  • Composition/production: scores and recordings (or live performance at the entrance exam) of at least three compositions in different styles for various instrumentations, such as pop or jazz pieces, either instrumental or vocal, or a solo piece for an instrument. You can also bring pieces with you that only exist as recordings or scores along with any music productions you may have made. There is no need to submit your compositions beforehand.
  • Entrance interview: the committee will discuss the work in the candidate’s presence; If necessary, the candidate will elucidate the work with the help of a piano; The requirements and piano experience (see above) will also be checked; In addition, 45 minutes before the start of the entrance exam, the candidate will carry out three small, harmonizing assignments on the piano.

Major lecturer

Andries  van RossemAndries  van Rossem

Andries van Rossem