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Performance Practices

  • Master's
  • 2 years, full-time
  • English
  • Arnhem

The Master Performance Practices at ArtEZ is an incubator for artistic research around the Body in Performance and its wider ecology, offering five different and unique specialisations. The course is based in the HOME OF PERFORMANCE PRACTICES in Arnhem, Netherlands, harbouring a community of de-disciplined and diverse thinkers who promote performance-making as a strategy for equitable societies.

Performance Practices

In brief

  • A home base for performance-making and critical thinking that is geared to constructing intersectional, unconventional, and speculative futures for both making and research
  • Specialize in Choreography, Theatre Practices, Performance Art, De-disciplined Body or Digital Performances
  • Interdisciplinary and flexible programme: you design the trajectory of your own research, selecting the electives of your preference
  • Four intensive and collective residential periods (three to five weeks) per year
  • Close dialogue with a team of experienced lecturers and inspiring guests from an international network in the performing arts
  • Develop a portfolio of performances that critically probe the de-disciplining potential of your specialisation and advance idiosyncratic practices that engage in – and are entangled with – the Body in Performance

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One home, five specialisations

The five specialisations – Choreography, Theatre Practices, Performance Art, De-disciplined Body and Digital Performances – are at the forefront of rigorous artistic and intellectual enquiry and facilitated by a team of internationally renowned practitioners and researchers. Students design thorough lines of research, investigating, challenging, and reshaping the role of the artist, contributing to the advancement of performance in their chosen field.


The Choreography specialisation is a master track for dance and movement artists with an interest in exploring the potential of de-disciplining choreography as a means to get to know it anew and expand its practice. The course directs this process, by means of an engagement in, and entanglement with the Body in Performance and its socio-political ramifications.

Theatre Practices

The Theatre Practices specialisation is deeply engaged in an ecological and post-humanist reconfiguration of the theatre in a de-disciplined setting. You learn to understand, challenge and make theatre in response to some of the most pressing issues of our time and examine art’s potential for protest and direct action.

Performance Art

The Performance Art specialisation aims to foster and empower a new generation of de-disciplined, diverse thinking, and radical artists who promote performance making as a strategy for equitable societies and resilience, use the body as a political tool to challenge dominant hetero-normative, patriarchal perspectives, and contribute as practitioner-researchers to contemporary post-humanist discourses about art, aesthetics, politics, and philosophy.

De-disciplined Body

The De-disciplined Body specialisation is for artists with a curiosity for undoing disciplines, a spirit of experimentation, and an ambition to grow, who are committed to artmaking as a life-long practice in dialogue with peers and audience. You pursue a rigorous line of contextualisation and development of your own practice in order to advance performance practices.  

Digital Performances

The Digital Performances specialisation is a unique programme in the Netherlands focused on the use and interrogation of the technologies of performance, performance making, and performative offerings. It centres on the practical questioning of digital tools, and their uses and extensions, in consideration of the production of diverse and socio-politically engaged performance.

DIGITAL | performance by Luiza Jaffe Misiuk Barbosa | photo by Fenia Kotsopoulou-Fenia_Kotsopoulou WEB
DIGITAL | performance by Luiza Jaffe Misiuk Barbosa | photo by Fenia Kotsopoulou
The master does not swear allegiance to theatre, it is more broadly about performance and maybe even beyond that performativity of the body, of objects, of whatever you may encounter.

Performance Practices on camera

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Are you interested in working towards new understandings of what it means to be a performance practitioner? In developing the body in performance in the 21st century? Join the Master Performance Practices at ArtEZ.