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Performance Practices

  • Master's
  • 2 years, full-time
  • English
  • Arnhem

The master’s course Performance Practices is a breeding ground for artistic research around the body in performance and its wider ecology. You will be part of a community of bold and visionary artists, challenge the boundaries of your own discipline and push the limits of what performance can achieve. You discover how to use the power of performance to effect meaningful social change and transform the world around you.

Performance Practices

Why choose the master's course Performance Practices?

Social transformation through performance

You will become a critical performance artist and explore how performance-making can be a strategy for creating equitable societies.

De-disciplining performance

You work together with students from other disciplines towards undoing and expanding your disciplines; you follow the same modules, learning with and from each other. This is how you work towards 'de-disciplining' your field of work.

Student as producer

Central to this master’s course is the idea of ‘student as producer'. In addition to being an independent artist, you will become a producer with artistic, practical and financial know-how of the work field.

Work with artists from all over the world

You are taught by – and work with - experienced teachers and inspiring guests from an international network in the performing arts.

Critical and engaging performances

You compile a portfolio of critical performances that will help you position yourself in the artistic and cultural field during and after your studies.

Low residency

Instead of having to attend classes in person every day, you will have four residential periods per year to connect with other students. The rest of the master's course can be completed remotely, allowing you to study from the comfort of your own home or studio.

Forge your path as an independent artistic producer and researcher

If you want to take your artistic practice to the next level, the Performance Practices master's course is for you. By developing critical evaluation skills, exploring new concepts and theories, and learning to manage people and resources in complex situations, you will become an independent artistic performer and researcher. With a focus on the idea of the ‘student as producer’, you will be empowered to establish your own production company and make your mark on the artistic landscape.

Discover the power of performance to drive social change

In the Performance Practices master's course, you will explore the intersection of performance studies, dance, social sciences, politics, psychoanalysis, and philosophy to uncover the transformative potential of performance. Through embodied practice and reflective analysis, you will gain a deep understanding of how performance creates social meaning and the role of the body in driving transformation.

In this video, alumnus Andrea van der Kuil shares her experience with Performance Practices. 


The master does not swear allegiance to theatre, it is more broadly about performance and maybe even beyond that performativity of the body, of objects, of whatever you may encounter.
LUCIA KRAMÁROVÁ, alumnus master's course Performance Practices