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After graduation

After graduation

After completing the master's course in Performance Practices, you have acquired a range of skills as an independent artist-researcher who values various perspectives. You will be able to utilize performance-making to create action and comprehend your beliefs and their correlation with others. As a performance practitioner, you can undertake multiple roles in the arts and applied theatre, including creating, directing, producing, and performing.

Resilient and equitable societies

After completing the master’s course, you will have a deeper understanding of how your artistic practice fits into today's performance landscape. You will explore questions of individual agency, political activism, and artistic expression, and how they relate to the world around us. You will be prepared for a variety of careers, including maker, choreographer, director, performer, producer, administrator, and applied theatre practitioner, with a strong understanding of the body's transformations and challenges in performance.

Title and diploma

Upon successful completion of one of the specialisations of the Master Performance Practices, you are entitled to use the academic title Master of Arts (MA).

This course can be found in the Centraal Register Opleidingen Hoger Onderwijs (CROHO) by the code 49125. The formal name of the programme under which this course is CROHO registerd, is Master Performance Practices. This CROHO-name will be on your diploma.

THEATRE | performance by Maria Joao Falcao de Carvalho Ferrei | photo by Daz Disley-Daz_Disley
THEATRE | performance by Maria Joao Falcao de Carvalho Ferrei | photo by Daz Disley