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Photo: Geertjan Kuper
Photo: Geertjan Kuper

Jazz & Pop

  • Bachelor's
  • 4 years, full-time
  • Dutch
  • Zwolle

Want to become a singer or musician? Discover the Jazz & Pop course at the Academy of Music in Zwolle. Make music your profession.

Jazz & Pop

In brief

  • You play jazz and pop. Great artistic diversity and freedom
  • A practical course where the result matters. You create a network, explore professional opportunities and can go in various directions after graduating
  • Attention for the organisational aspect of music, with the opportunity to gain experience in projects, festivals and concerts
  • Tight-knit course in the centre of Zwolle with committed students and teachers
  • Lots of off-site performances
  • Many specialization opportunities
  • Teachers are renowned musicians. Master classes by international bands, musicians and professionals from the music industry

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Exploring music in Zwolle

Jazz and pop are equal in Zwolle and are both studied in the Jazz & Pop course in all their diversity. You are given the opportunity to specialise in your instrument (your major) whilst finding your own sound. We give you every opportunity to do this, whilst encouraging you to be authentic.

Jazz & Pop students in Zwolle are always curious and hungry to learn more. Our Academy of Music is in the centre of Zwolle. Here in a tight-knit community, students help and encourage each other to improve and to explore and push musical boundaries. Their involvement with each other is visible in the concerts that students give. Performance examinations are always public and are always popular with interested fellow students and alumni wanting to know what their future colleagues are making.

After graduation, you can start work immediately in the work field you explored during the course. In Zwolle, as student and musician you are at the heart of society. The course is no ivory tower. The building is in the centre of Zwolle and we are keen to find an audience for our music. That also means that during your course, you are already exploring life after ArtEZ. You discover in practice where your talents and ambitions lie.

You can also take the Jazz & Pop course in an English version with different emphases in Arnhem.

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