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Endperformance 2020 - Photo: Bart Grietens


Endperformance 2020 - Photo: Bart Grietens
  • Bachelor's
  • 4 years, full-time
  • English
  • Arnhem

The ArtEZ modern and contemporary dance course trains you to become a dancer and maker with your own position in the work field.

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In brief

  • Top course according to higher professional education guide
  • Focuses on you establishing the position you wish to have as a dance artist in the contemporary world of dance
  • The only dance academy in the Netherlands that trains students as dancers and makers
  • Modern and contemporary dance with a solid basis in various dance techniques
  • Focus on creativity, consciousness, reflection and feedback
  • Focus on individual connected with the community, based on the principle that you are always developing
  • Balance is key

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Admission for the Dance course in Arnhem

Every year we admit only about 20 to 25 students to our dance academy. This is done after a careful selection.

More about selection and admission

Top training for those who want a dancer or maker

In this age, it is more important than ever for a dance artist to be firmly based in a dance world that is always developing. At the top Dance course at ArtEZ, you are trained as a dancer and maker. You learn to take your place in the dance academy and then create your own position as a dance artist in the contemporary dance world. Key to this is the development of your own (artistic) identity and vision as a dance artist and ability to embody that identity and vision. After graduating in dance in Arnhem, you may use the title Bachelor of Arts (BA). You can work independently as a dancer and maker at home and abroad for (inter)national production houses and dance companies.

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Dance Preparatory Courses

Prepare for your Bachelor's degree in Dance at ArtEZ with the Dance or the Dancer Creative Contemporary preparatory courses.