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Application and admission

Application and admission

For the bachelor course Dance Artist at ArtEZ in Arnhem, we look for creative, independent dancers with an open and enquiring mind.

Applicants must do an audition. Our dance course is small-scale and personal. For that reason, we only admit between 20 and 25 students every year. This is based on careful selection on talent.

Admission requirements Dance Artist

Would you like to apply to join this dance course in Arnhem? Please take the following conditions into account:

  • VWO (pre-university education), HAVO (senior general secondary education), MBO (level 4) (senior secondary vocational education and training) or equivalent diploma;
  • language requirements apply to this English course;
  • you must audition and pass this audition.


To apply for the audition, go to Studielink and create an account. After you have applied, you will receive an e-mail from the ArtEZ Student Affairs department. You will also receive information from the course about the date on which you are expected at ArtEZ.

Apply via Studielink


We look for:

Technical/physical skills

  • basic dance skills and development potential 
  • natural movement coordination

Artistic talent

  • expressiveness as a dancer 
  • creativity in improvisation 
  • originality in makership  
  • sense of style and presentation 

Audition dates

Attention! The video assignment will only be sent to those applicants registered in Studielink. Registration will close once the deadline for this assignment is reached on 15 Januari 2023.

First round:
 Round one consists of a video assignment, which you have to submit befòre 15 Januari, 2023. The results of round 1 will be announced on 3 Februari. When you have passed you will receive an invitation for round 2, the auditions in Arnhem.

Second round: The second and third audition rounds will physically take place in Arnhem.
Dates: Monday 13 -Thursday 16 March 2023.

Go to ArtEZ Scholarship for Non-EU/EEA Students

Got ot Holland Scholarship for Non-EU/EEA Students

Result and validity

After the auditions you will be directly notified whether you have been admitted to the bachelor course Dance Artist.  
The result only applies to the ArtEZ bachelor course Dance Artist in Arnhem for the academic year immediately following the audition. If you wish to be admitted to a course or specialisation at a different location, you must apply for this separately.  

Well prepared for the audition

Prepare for your higher professional bachelor course Dance Artist at ArtEZ with the Dancer Creative Contemporary preparatory course or the Dance Preparatory Course

After admission

After admission to the Bachelor Dance Artist, you will be asked to undergo two screenings at the beginning of the academic year: 

  • A Dance Medical Examination, conducted by sports doctors from Sport Medical Center Papendal,
  • and a physioscreening, performed by the physiotherapists of ArtEZ. 

The cost of the Dance Medical Examination is approximately 146 euros. You will receive an invoice for this and some insurance companies will reimburse these costs.

There are no costs for the physioscreening.

In addition, during the first three years of your training you will be tested three times a year for your progress in strength, condition and mental skills. 

The screenings and tests give you as a student insight into your development and we can optimize the educational program, with the ultimate goal of promoting your health and optimizing your dance development and quality for a sustainable career in the dance world.