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Photo Louise Ter Poele 2020

Classical Music

Photo Louise Ter Poele 2020
  • Bachelor's
  • 4 years, full-time
  • Dutch and English
  • Zwolle

You have musical talent and a dream: you want to be a musician. A musician who has mastered their subject. Who knows how to convey their love for music, and therefore has many opportunities in the professional field.

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Classical Music

In brief

  • Who are you and how do you sound? Discover your talent and your own sound

  • Your dream comes first: shape your own studies and, with it, your future

  • Great attention to the role you want to fulfil as a musician in society

  • Create your unique position in the job market with intensive career counselling and practical internships

  • Involved lecturers and coaches from the field who recognise and help develop your talent

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Thoroughly prepared for the future

Your position in practice

At every Academy of Music you learn to master your instrument to the hilt. This is no different for Classical Music at the ArtEZ Academy of Music. But here we find it just as important that you find your own position in practice. That is why we help you develop all the skills you need for an existence as a professional musician. You will learn skills such as seeing and using opportunities, networking, following developments, cooperation and innovation. 

With Classical Music in Zwolle you can do anything. In the evening you can be on stage, having programmed a show with a theatre group in the morning and taught two students aged 8 and 16 in the afternoon.


Practise your subject however you wish 

After completing the Classical Music course at the ArtEZ Academy of Music in Zwolle, you may use the title Bachelor of Music and you can start working as a musician with your own sound. You will have mastered your subject and can practise it however you wish. We challenge you to think about how you want to use your qualities to make a difference to today’s society and guide you from dream to reality. 


Broadening your horizons and bringing out your music; that is just as important as mastering your major. That is why we not only work together with the Jazz & Pop and Music in Education courses in Zwolle, but also with partners from the field. For example, we organise project weeks, internships and workshops with our partners PhionOrkest De EreprijsKASKOConsensus VocalisDeltionHedonde Zwolse theaters (the Odeon theatre and the Spiegel theatre) and a large number of schools of music, music teaching practises and brass bands, including Quintus (Kampen), Oyfo Muziek (Hengelo), Kaliber (Almelo), GIGANT (Apeldoorn), MEC (Rouveen) and De Meerpaal (Dronten). 

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