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After graduation

After graduation

Graduates from Theatre in Education Arnhem have developed into authentic artist educators in theatre with a distinct identity and considerable power to change. This means that you can start working in all sorts of places in society.  

You will have a number of possibilities open to you. You can start work as an art lecturer in the educational sphere or work as a theatre lecturer at art centres, societies and institutions. You could work as a dramatist, staff member in an educational capacity at a theatre society, director, organiser or artistic director. You can also work as an independent cultural entrepreneur and theatre project organiser. Theatre lecturers work with many different target groups in many different places.

Title and diploma

After successfully completing the Theatre in Education course (artist educator in theatre), you are entitled to use the title of Bachelor of Education (BEd). This study can be found in the Central Register of Higher Education Study Programmes (CROHO) under code 34745. The formal name of the course, under which it is known in CROHO, is Bachelor of Theatre in Education. This CROHO name will appear on your diploma. 

Continuing your studies?

 Are you interested in continuing you studies after the Bachelor’s of Theatre in Education? Our alumni enrol on master courses such as Master of Education in Arts, Master of Performance Practices or Master of Artist Educator.


Starting work

As a maker and creating teacher, you have a great chance of finding a job, for example: 

  • as an independent cultural entrepreneur, inventor and maker of theatre projects; 
  • as a maker/director/workshop organiser in neighbourhoods, at festivals or in the theatre;
    as a theatre teacher and theatre maker in education; 
    at theatre companies; 
  • at theatre schools and art centres; 
  • in educational services of theatre groups and museums; 
  • as a trainer/performer in business; 
  • as a public engagement officer for theatres.