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Political Animal Voices - Artisteducator in Theater
Political Animal Voices - Artisteducator in Theater Political Animal Voices - Artisteducator in Theatre, photo by Joep van Aert

Artisteducator in Theatre

Political Animal Voices - Artisteducator in Theatre, photo by Joep van Aert
  • Bachelor's
  • 4 years, full-time
  • Dutch
  • Arnhem

Theatre adds vibrancy to life, offering solace, recognition, and beauty. In the Artisteducator in Theatre course (FKA: Theatre in Education), you'll learn to engage, stimulate, and cultivate the artistic expression of others through your own artistry. You'll evolve into an artist who makes a meaningful impact, embraces a critical mindset, and shares compelling stories on both national and international stages. As an artisteducator, you'll excel at connecting, creating, moving, shaping, and listening. There's a 100% job guarantee.

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Artisteducator in Theatre

Why choose Artisteducator in Theatre?

Top Rated Programme

This study was awarded Top Rated Programme by HBO Keuzegids

Create movement

By making theatre, you learn to instigate change around social issues and vital questions

Stimulating environment

You will be working in a challenging and inspiring interdisciplinary learning environment with modern studios and theatres for performative artists

Equality as the starting point

Both between students and teachers and in theatre making with groups in society

Experience during the course

By working in contextual projects and internships in the Netherlands and abroad, your work has direct significance for the world

We get you started

Excellent study career counselling and great job opportunities

Enrich your environment with your curiosity

Are you curious about the world around you? Do you consider it important to connect people with one another? Does the idea of being able to make art – theatre – with your own creativity, through imagination, motivate you? If so, discover the Artisteducator in Theatre bachelor's course in Arnhem. Because on this course, you will immerse yourself in theatre and what theatre can mean for others. You will be the owner of your own learning pathway. That calls for an enterprising attitude and a sense of responsibility. Only by looking further can you relate to the world around you. And that is essential for an artisteducator.

The Artisteducator in Theatre bachelor's course in Arnhem trains you to be a theatre artist and artisteducator with a teaching qualification for primary education, secondary education, mbo education and all other forms of education, who:

  • Has the ability to connect with others through artistic experiences
  • Demonstrates that you can make an impact on society and change lives through theatre
  • Has a questioning attitude towards the professional field with your own perspective

Be part of the next generation of artisteducators

As a maker, you know how to connect with people and what touches them, and you use theatre to initiate action. Making theatre and coaching and inspiring others to do the same (teaching) cannot be seen in isolation from one another; they are inextricably linked. That is why our Artisteducator in Theatre course does not train you as a traditional theatre teacher but as an artisteducator, based on a highly inquisitive and curious attitude and in an atmosphere of equality and commitment. After the course, you can find a role in intramural or extramural education or in the educational department of a theatre company or museum. You will be making a difference to society.

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