"Our network extends far and our reputation in it is more than good.

This turns out to be a huge springboard for the career of our students every year!"

Peter Leutscher-Kintrup
Head of the MediaMusic dept.


We strongly believe in the power of vocational training. Whichever profile you choose, the transformation from student to professional starts already during your study here.

Our mission is to provide education that focuses on the student's talent, ambition, vision and enterprising attitude. We test the self-chosen path against reality by creating a professional environment.
Your own path starts with choosing a study profile:
Songwriter | Producer for Bands & Artists |Music Producer for the Media |Composer for Film & Games |Electronic Artist & Producer

Sound Design and the professional field

Music and sound are all around us: ringtones on your mobile, music you hear in games, films, commercials and theatre productions. It is a challenging international field, which is in a constant state of flux, not only in terms of music styles but particularly in the area of software and hardware. This is an important reason for us to already start working during the course.

Crossfade as a training model

In order to ensure a natural transition from pupil to student and from student to professional, we have developed a study model that we call Crossfade.

Crossfade is the gradual transition between two audios. We make a gradual transition from hobby to profession, from school to professional practice and to obtaining a place as a starter in the creative industry. We want to let the student take up a position with a good set of basic skills.

We have brought industry into education, with Skype sessions, reality and shadow assignments, pitches for companies, demodrops, songwriting & producer camps, etc.

Music Producers meets ArtEZ Academy of Pop Music

The fact that we are under one roof with the ArtEZ Academy of Pop Music is a huge advantage.
We make use of each other's knowledge, lecturers and networks, and part of the education is designed jointly.
Our capital is our common network; an ideal springboard for the careers of our students.

PAMM Productions connects students and the professional work

Third- and fourth-year students taking the Music Management and Musiconomy minor work at the production company PAMM Productions of the Academy of Pop Music and MediaMusic.