“Every year brings new highlights. For example, I thought it was fantastic that we were able to let students contribute to the programme planning of Serious Request. The main stage was ours!"

Peter Leutscher-Kintrup
Head of the MediaMusic dept.


During the MediaMusic course in Enschede, you will learn everything about the composition and production of music and audio for the various media.

This music and audio is created using notation, computers, studio techniques as well as studio musicians. You will receive a solid foundation in applied knowledge about music, techniques and the music industry. Within the MediaMusic course, you will have the opportunity for personal projects, products and activities that will shape your development, job profile and future professional practice.

MediaMusic – Academy of Pop Music collaboration

Your own projects and productions are key throughout your study. MediaMusic works closely with the ArtEZ Academy of Pop Music. The two courses jointly design parts of the course. As part of your career-oriented educational profile, you will work on:

  • your own projects and productions
  • projects and productions of other students
  • assignments within or from the music industry

Through these you will already experience the practical side of your career early on in your studies and learn to recognise and create opportunities for yourself. The development of your content and process will be supported and guided by an international team of lecturers. Students from the Academy of Pop Music collaborate with MediaMusic students on band projects, video clips, app development and album releases, for instance. Alternatively, they may start a business, such as their own music label or a music school. Marketing, sales and distribution are also part of the projects/productions.

PAMM Production Company links students and the industry

Third and fourth-year students taking the minors Music Management and Music Economy will work in the PAMM Production Company of the Academy of Pop Music and MediaMusic. This production company is a unique, integral part of the course and provides a link between students and the industry, among other things. An extensive network of partners and clients has been built up over the years. The PAMM Production Company maintains contact with music venues, studios, alumni and other contacts. It organises bands and sessions at Poppodium Atak, among other places, and helps students set up their own projects, including their graduation projects. The Production Company also initiates collaboration between students from other ArtEZ courses, not only the conservatory courses, but also with the Theatre, Dance and Art & Design programmes, for example.

Challenging music world

If there is one course for which lifelong learning is crucial, it is MediaMusic. Music techniques and the associated production and composition methods are changing at a break-neck pace. Music and sound is all around us, even if we are often unaware of it. Consider the ringtones on your mobile, the music you hear in games, films, commercials, theatre productions, and much more. It is precisely in this global industry that you could soon be earning your living. It is a challenging field that is constantly changing. Not only in regards to the music styles, but also in terms of software and hardware. This is all the more reason to already begin working within the industry during your studies. We greatly value the ability to think conceptually, collaborate, clearly communicate and learn reflectively.