Jazz & Pop


"The boundaries between music styles are blurred and constantly changing. Crossover between the styles lead to inspiration for new types of music. This dynamic is also found in Jazz & Pop."

Michiel Braam
Head of the Jazz & Pop dept. Arnhem


The Jazz & Pop course in Arnhem focuses on artistically distinctive musicians. As a student, you will learn a lot about music and the finesses of your instrument.

Jazz & Pop Arnhem student

As a Jazz & Pop student you will learn a lot about music and the finer details of your instrument. As your study progresses you will have more and more freedom to decide the music style in which you will specialise. For instance, during your study you can specialise in the area of jazz: bebop, fusion, improvisation; or pop: rock, soul, hip-hop, dance. You may rather focus on a specific style, such as Latin, modern creative jazz or fusion. You can also choose to develop yourself as an all-round musician. Whatever the choice, the goal is always to develop your own musical personality within these choices.

Multidisciplinary study

The ArtEZ Academy of Music in Arnhem is part of the art campus, facilitating many multidisciplinary crossovers. The presence, on the one hand, of courses like Music Theatre and Composition for Film & Theatre and, on the other, Dance, Theatre, Fine Art, Creative Writing, and Fashion serve as a source of inspiration and encourage new types of collaboration, the kind that occur with increasing frequency in professional practice.

ChoCo is a yearly interdisciplinary project, in which composition students Jazz & Pop collaborate with dancers and choreographers of the ArtEZ Academy of Theatre & Dance and the orchestra De ereprijs.

Renowned musicians

The lecturers are all prominent musicians and cover a wide stylistic range. They ensure that students develop a high level of craftsmanship and artistry. They are always ready and willing to assist with a wide variety of questions pertaining to various styles.

Concerts and local music sessions

Performances take place almost every night somewhere in Arnhem or nearby Nijmegen, where many local musicians play together. There are collaborations, among others, with Music Meeting, Grand Café Mahler, Café de Kroeg, LUX, Stella by Starlight and BReBL.