Interior Architecture

Corpo-real provides a LAB-based community in Zwolle where we investigate the corpo-real. In the word corpo-real ‘corpo’ stands for bodies in general, and ‘real’ for the reality that they relate to.

This is the Master Interior Architecture at ArtEZ:

  • Looking for renewed understanding of the constantly changing relationship between bodies and space.
  • Developing an innovative, analytic and experimental attitude.
  • Intertwining theoretical and design research.
  • Analytical, contemplative, critical and experimental innovations and designs. 

The spoken language in the programme is English. Read more about admission requirements.

After graduation and completion of the two-year professional traineeship, you can apply for registration as an interior architect in the Dutch Architects Register. Read more about the Professional Traineeship on the website of the Architects Register.

With the Corpo-real pre-master Interior Architecture you are thoroughly prepared for the master interior architecture in only twelve weeks.

Do you first want to orientate if the Master Interior Architecture is something for you? Then consider joining the Corpo-real Summer School.