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After graduation

After graduation

After graduating in Interior Architecture, you can get a job as a spatial designer with a design agency or become a freelance interior architect. You can also choose to continue your studies. 

Title and diploma 

After successfully completing the Interior Architecture course in Zwolle, you may use the title Bachelor of Arts (BA). This course may be found in the Dutch Central Register of Courses in Higher Education (CROHO) under code 39111. The formal name of the course, under which it is known in CROHO, is Bachelor of Interior Architecture. This CROHO name will appear on your diploma. 

Starting work 

After graduating in Interior Architecture, some of our alumni go on to work as junior designers for agencies. If you choose this route, you will be working on assignments in the fields of living or working, care, retail or public interiors. Clients are looking for solutions for new developments in healthcare, education or cultural institutions. 
On large projects, as an interior designer you will often be one of the designers within a large team, while on small-scale projects for private clients you will more likely be responsible for the design and execution yourself. When designing offices, knowledge of working conditions and ergonomics plays a much more important role. In the retail, leisure and food service sectors, the emphasis is on marketing and strategy. You will often be working with project developers and graphic designers. 
After graduation, you can also go self-employed. In this case, you will be working independently or for private clients. 

Continuing your studies? 

After completing the Interior Architecture bachelor, there are various options for further study. For example, the Interior Architecture master programme (Corpo-real)