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Education in Arts
'Troosttaal' - essay Fetsje Anema - Finals 2020

Education in Arts

'Troosttaal' - essay Fetsje Anema - Finals 2020
  • Master's
  • 2 years, part-time
  • Dutch
  • Zwolle

The part-time master Education in Arts is an interdisciplinary programme in which you deepen your knowledge and skills of art and education by connecting theory and practice. Rediscover yourself as a professional and (re)shape your vision.

Education in Arts

In brief

  • Seminars, coaching and supervision by a experienced and diverse team of lecturers. A learning community where students and lecturers form a strong network in dialogue with the field of education in arts.
  • Emphasis on increasing and deepening your knowledge by connecting theory and practice.
  • Working from multifaceted studios in Zwolle, where it is all about 'praxis' (theory and practice go hand in hand).
  • You are encouraged and supported to rediscover yourself as a professional, to (re)shape your vision of your profession, and to relate to formal education in arts, both critically and constructively.
  • Reflection on social developments and the role that the arts (can) play in them is essential.
  • An engaging dialogue and collaboration with the iMAE learning community.

After completing this Master’s you will receive the internationally recognised title Master of Education in Arts and will be able to contribute to innovation in the field of art and education.