Dance in Education

After graduation

After graduation

Upon completion of the Dance in Education course, you will have the title Bachelor of Education (BEd) and a first degree teaching qualification. You can teach in both schools and other institutes or organisations.

Alumni work as teachers, répétiteurs, makers, dance coaches, organisers and entrepreneurs. Many are self-employed or combine freelancing with part-time employment. Because the teachers we produce meet the demand in the professional field, they find many opportunities. They work in primary and secondary education, intermediate (MBO) and higher (HBO) dance training programmes and in the extracurricular field, for example in dance and ballet schools, youth theatre schools, youth dance groups, educational departments of companies and institutions, and community art and dance projects for businesses and social organisations such as care institutions and before/after school care.

Own business

The services ArtEZ offers its graduates include starter guidance in setting up their own business.

Further studies

After your Bachelor’s, you can continue your studies with the Master of Education in Arts, the Master of Theatre Practices or the Master of Artist Educator.