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Eva Boer - Up2dFuture - Photo: Menno van der Meulen

Artisteducator in Dance

Eva Boer - Up2dFuture - Photo: Menno van der Meulen
  • Bachelor's
  • 4 years, full-time
  • Dutch
  • Arnhem

Dance enables you to be valuable anywhere. It is a powerful tool for transformation and expression. The Artisteducator in Dance teacher training course teaches you how to use dance to give meaning to someone's life, by experiencing the power of dance and movement together.

Artisteducator in Dance

Why choose Artisteducator in Dance in Arnhem?

Shape the work field

Whether you want to work in education or elsewhere, you will innovate dance education in a way that suits you.

Build bridges

With your energy and enthusiasm, you know how to touch others, connect people and build bridges between different cultures and backgrounds.

Experiencing dance

Artisteducator in Dance is all about experiencing dance together: feeling and doing dance together, experiencing the magic of movement with others.

Focus on personal development

As you hone your artistic and teaching skills each year, you know how to use them in a way that suits you as an artisteducator.

Expand your creative horizons

In a world where the boundaries between art forms are blurring, you embrace interdisciplinary collaborations with artists from all disciplines: from visual arts to theatre.

Research and innovation

You will explore new choreographic approaches, teaching methods and emerging technologies to push the boundaries of dance education.

What is an artisteducator?

An artisteducator:

  • uses art to make people look, imagine and experience things differently
  • is socially involved
  • and works in different contexts

Your impact on the field

The four-year Artisteducator in Dance bachelor's course (formerly Dance in Education) in Arnhem prepares you to make an impact, both in education and in society, locally, nationally and internationally. You will work on your artistic and teaching skills, becoming a versatile artist-educator who can work in a variety of contexts. During the training, you will have every opportunity for your personal growth. You are in charge of your development: what kind of an artisteducator do you aspire to be? What suits you? You know how to adapt your skills to different environments so that you can transfer the transformative power of dance to diverse areas.

After the course, you have a first-degree teaching qualification and may use the title of Bachelor of Dance in Education.


The question is not what dance and music are, but what dance and music can DO.