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Creative Writing

Creative Writing

  • Bachelor's
  • 4 years, full-time
  • Dutch
  • Arnhem

Want to become a literary writer or programme maker? Discover the Creative Writing course at the Design Department in Arnhem. Bachelor's course for writers and poets.

Creative Writing

In brief

  • A full-time vocational study which teaches how to write and present prose, drama, poetry, documentary and literary fiction.
  • Broad orientation towards modern authorship.
  • Yearly presentation of your own work at literary festivals.
  • Lectures by famous publishers, writers and critics.
  • Collaboration with Literair Productiehuis Wintertuin.

Following your studies, you can work as a writer or teacher, in an organisation within the cultural sector, or as a programme planner for venues, festivals and events. You can also continue with your studies.