Comic Design


During the four-year Comic Design programme at the Design Department in Zwolle, you will learn to work with different software applications and techniques, such as screen-printing, typesetting, etching and photography.

First year: artistic and reflective development

In the first year, the foundation will be laid for your visual and reflective development. Much attention will be dedicated to broadening your perspective on art and design. The first year will begin with an induction programme. A multidisciplinary study trip to Berlin is planned during the autumn holiday. All the visual art disciplines in Zwolle will take part. The course Individual Research will be introduced and you will link your interests and research to the exploration of the field. .
The second part of the first year will begin with the January project month. In this semester, you will be given plenty of space to experiment with different techniques, media and design research.

  • ThinK (Theory and Art)
  • Comics
  • Visual research
  • Storytelling
  • Individual Research
  • Study of forms
  • Technical skills

Second year: developing stories

Starting from the second year, you will work in the studio spaces of your discipline. You will work on developing stories: existing stories and assignment situations from professional practice. You will participate in field-specific activities, such as comic festivals and ArtEZ24Hour. Every week you will take HOME, a course in which professionals from the field give lectures and during which vocational activities take place. In autumn you will travel to Germany on a study trip with students from Animation Design and Illustration Design.


  • ThinK (Theory in Art)
  • Comics
  • Visual Research
  • Storytelling
  • Individual Research
  • Study of Forms
  • Technical Skills

Third year: in-depth knowledge ans internship

In the third year, you will be given the space to work within your personal preferences and delve deeper into these. Apart from demand-oriented work, your own story will be given pride of place. Research is based on your own artistic and storytelling qualities. Every week you will take HOME, a course in which professionals from the field give lectures and during which vocational activities take place. In the second half of the year, you will complete a one-month internship. You will go on a Boot Camp with students from two art academies: LUCA in Brussels and HAW in Hamburg. You will have the opportunity to study abroad for several months in the third or fourth year.

Fourth year: specialisation and graduation

You will work on your ‘master test’, a production which showcases your personal talent and ambitions. The research is visual, reflective and theoretical.

ArtEZ finals

All students will show their graduation work during the ArtEZ finals in Zwolle. A visit to this graduation exhibition is a must if you are thinking about taking the Comic Design programme.