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Classical Music
Photo Louise Ter Poele 2020

Classical Music

Photo Louise Ter Poele 2020
  • Bachelor's
  • 4 years, full-time
  • Dutch and English
  • Zwolle

ArtEZ Classical Music offers a bilingual (Dutch/English) degree and leaves space for a high artistic level, focused on professional practice, in order for you to fill in your idea of being a musician.

Classical Music

In brief


    • We’ll provide you with an excellent preparation to find a place in the job market to match your talent and ambitions
    • Choose your own internship(s) in the professional field and shape your own course 
    • A progressive curriculum, focused on all the skills you’ll need for the role in society you want to play as a musician
    • Intensive study coaching and career counselling, with a coach from the professional field in the final year 
    • Classes from quality lecturers and guest lecturers  
    • Part of the curriculum can be followed as contract education.

Thoroughly prepared for the future

You have musical talent and a dream: you want to be a musician. A musician who has mastered their subject and who knows how to convey their love for music. For example, as a soloist or chamber musician on the physical or online stage, or in the theatre. In your own music (teaching) practice or by composing. Or as a workshop leader or festival organiser. We’ll challenge you to think about how you want to use your qualities to make a difference to today’s society and guide you from dream to reality. We will do so by supporting you in developing all the skills you will need for a living as a professional musician.  
In addition to traditional skills, there will therefore also be a strong focus on skills such as seeing and exploiting opportunities, networking, following developments, collaborating and innovating. In this way, you will develop into a musician with a unique sound who finds their own place within the changing cultural and musical field.  
After completing the course in Classical Music at the ArtEZ Academy of Music in Zwolle, you may use the title Bachelor of Music and you can start working as a musician with your own sound, able to find their own place in the professional field. You will have mastered your subject and can put it to the use you choose.  
You can also opt to broaden and deepen your knowledge with a master course. 
The course
Application and admission
After graduation 
Contact with the course

Music preparatory programme

ArtEZ has several preparatory programmes in preparation for the bachelor of Music. Click here to see the possibilities.

As a basis for the bachelor MediaMusic or Composing for Film, you may attend to the external preparatory programme Film Scoring and Production at the Musicube Academy in Bonn.

Music Contract Education

Part of the curriculum of the programmes can be followed through contract education. Following and completing a course or course component can lead to a study completion statement or certificate. As a contract student you can use the same facilities as regular students. Registration is possible throughout the year.