Classical Music

Studying is a purposive activity. The same goes for the courses at the Academy of Music. Whether you’re dreaming of a career as a soloist, wish to perform your own compositions along with other artists, are keen to create new music through crossovers, want to introduce children to the wonderful world of the harp, or would like to set up your own music practice in reception centres, the ArtEZ Academy of Music in Zwolle will support you in further developing your unique musical talent and guide and coach you when it comes to developing your vision of professional practice. However unique that may be.

The department of Classical Music offers a bilingual course (NL/EN) and gives you the space to shape the profession of the musician at a high, artistic level, focusing on varied professional practice.

Classical Music at ArtEZ in Zwolle is:

  • quirky
  • contemporary
  • international
  • focused on the student’s vision
  • the centre of the professional arena
  • close cooperation
  • impetus for musical freedom
  • no boundaries between people and departments
  • a sound basis for sustainable musicianship
  • playing on 1,000 stages
  • a safe place to develop yourself…
  • …under the aegis of renowned lecturers and the best coaches

    Our students…

  • are self-willed
  • are independent
  • have a wide range of interests
  • are adventurous
  • are curious 

Following the Bachelor’s course will make you a musician who has mastered the subject. You’ll be versatile and passionate, and extremely well prepared for current professional practice. If you’re keen to expand and deepen your skills, then you’ll be ready to start a Master’s programme after successfully completing the Bachelor’s degree.

Admission Classical Music

After your registration via Studielink, we will invite you for the entrance examination. Substantive information can be found under Admission.

Music preparatory programmes

If you don’t want to start a Bachelor’s course straight away but would nevertheless like to start preparing for it, ArtEZ offers a wide range of access courses. Click here to see the possibilities.

Contract Education

Part of the curriculum of the courses can be followed through contract education. Following and completing a programme or programme component can lead to a study completion statement or certificate. As a contract student you can use the same facilities as regular students.

Photo Edwin Goed
La Folía
In Love With Haydn (photo Edwin Goed)
La Folía