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Classical Music
In Love With Haydn - photo Edwin Goed

Classical Music

In Love With Haydn - photo Edwin Goed
  • Bachelor's
  • 4 years, full-time
  • Dutch and English
  • Zwolle

Whether you desire a soloist career, want to play with other artists, or dream of having your own music school – the ArtEZ Academy of Music in Zwolle helps you express your unique musical talent. It also guides and coaches you towards finding your artistic vision.

Classical Music

In brief

ArtEZ Classical Music offers a bilingual (Dutch/English) degree and leaves space for a high artistic level, focused on professional practice, in order for you to fill in your idea of being a musician.

  • original
  • the student as priority
  • job oriented
  • international
  • inclusive

    Our students are…

  • headstrong
  • musically talented
  • independent
  • curious
  • ambitious 

Following the Bachelor’s course will make you a musician who has mastered the subject. You’ll be versatile and passionate, and extremely well prepared for current professional practice. If you’re keen to expand and deepen your skills, then you’ll be ready to start a Master’s programme after successfully completing the Bachelor’s degree.

Music Contract Education

Part of the curriculum of the programmes can be followed through contract education. Following and completing a course or course component can lead to a study completion statement or certificate. As a contract student you can use the same facilities as regular students. Registration is possible throughout the year.

Music preparatory programme

ArtEZ has several preparatory programmes in preparation for the bachelor of Music. Click here to see the possibilities.

As a basis for the bachelor MediaMusic or Composing for Film, you may attend to the external preparatory programme Film Scoring and Production at the Musicube Academy in Bonn.