Fine Art and Design in Education

Through your work as an artist or designer, you will be able to inspire others from your own experience.

This is Fine Art and Design in Education at ArtEZ in Zwolle:

  • You give meaning to images through the interaction between creating and thinking
  • You provide more insight into the value of fine art and design for society
  • You design interaction at both a personal level and a group level
  • You think and act based on a fluid but intelligent vision of (expressive) education
  • You question your surroundings critically but constructively.

After this course, you will have a first-degree teaching qualification. More than half of the graduates go on to work as artists or designers.

Fine Art and Design in Education (DBKV) is also available in Arnhem.

Work by Mirte Slob, 2016
Work by Herman Brink