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Fine Art and Design in Education
Fine Art and Design in Education

Fine Art and Design in Education

  • Bachelor's
  • 4 years, full-time
  • Dutch
  • Zwolle

Do you want to inspire other people in visual, cultural and artistic education? In the Visual Arts and Design Teacher course in Zwolle, you learn to work and inspire from your own expertise: as a teacher, an expert or entrepreneur.

Fine Art and Design in Education

In brief

  • You are trained as a teacher and visual artist 
  • Practice-oriented, varied study  
  • Large number of workshops and studios 
  • You become a teacher who is not only technically proficient and good at teaching, but also has a feeling for art, creation, individuality and imagination and their importance for humankind and society Good preparation for a job in the field 
  • You work frequently with students from other art courses 
  • Small-scale course in a vibrant community of students, teachers and instructors 


Fine Art and Design in Education (DBKV) is also available in Arnhem.

Dive into the world of imagination

Do you enjoy drawing, painting or other forms of visual work? Do you want to make creativity your job, in combination with working with people? The Fine Art and Design in Education course in Zwolle trains you to be an expert, inspiring and committed teacher who is good at teaching, follows innovations in the trade, is enterprising and is capable of visual and artistic expression. Important accents in our intensive course curriculum are:

  • focus on the connection between visual arts, people and society (Human Matters);
  • thinking by creating. At ArtEZ, theory of art and culture goes hand in hand with creating; it provides insight into and lends meaning to what you create. 

After graduation, you are entitled to use the title of Bachelor of Education (BEd) and have a first-level teaching qualification for the entire field of education, from primary education to higher professional education. You can work as a teacher in education, possibly combined with a practice as an artist or designer. You can also start your own business as an entrepreneur in the field of intramural or extramural art education.

There is also a part-time version of this course (duration: four years). And for those who already have a degree in art education and also want to obtain a first-level teaching qualification, there is a tailor-made programme (duration: two years).

Selection and admission

After graduation 

About the teachers

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