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ArtEZ students and alumni to perform at Bridge to Liberation 2021

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Bridge to Liberation has been commemorating the Battle for Arnhem in September 1944 for eight years now. The experience, to which admission is free, is packed with dance, music, film and theatre and encourages people from all generations to reflect on the impact of the war and the value of liberty. This year, five performances are being provided by students and recent alumni of ArtEZ.

Photo: Lieke Anna
Photo: Lieke Anna

For the second year running, the biggest in scale, which normally attracts nearly 20,000 visitors to the John Frost Bridge, will be transformed into a hybrid online and offline programme at various locations. A great opportunity for a number of ArtEZ students and recent alumni. As part of the fringe programme, a young maker has been assigned to each of the locations to give a short performance around themes such as liberty, being a refugee and connection between generations.

Different art disciplines

In total, the programme will include five performances by current and former ArtEZ students. Ahead of the Bridge to Liberation film presentation, they will shine a personal and artistic light on the themes by means of dance, music, theatre or spoken word. Which arts discipline the audience sees will depend on the location they visit. Daniël van der Duim (Jazz & Pop alumnus) will perform the piano compositions he has made specially for the event in the Eusebius Church. Maite Levy and Nikki Meijerink (Dance in Education alumni) will dance a duet with a parachute in the City Hall. Nigel Appelboom (Music Theatre student) will perform a solo at the Olympuscollege. Saleha Alladien (Alienkid, former Creative Writing student) will present a new spoken word text in Musis, while at one of the screens of the Pathé cinema, members of the public will be able to view a choreography by Johanna Sauër and her dancers Emiko Ophei, Insa Goden, Sonja Rottmann, Marlene Klodwig, Thirza Schotanus and Nienke Doornink (Dance in Education students).

Rehearsal by Dance in Education students, who will be performing a choreography by Johanna Sauër.

More info?

Bridge to Liberation will take place at 20:30 on 17 September 2021 and can be followed as a livestream at www.bridgetoliberation.nl and on TV on Omroep Gelderland. See also the agenda item at ArtEZ.nl.