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Music Theatre

  • Bachelor's
  • 4 years, full-time
  • Dutch
  • Arnhem

Combine music and theatre in the only course in the Netherlands that trains you as a creator of your own music theatre.

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Music Theatre

Why choose the Music Theatre course?

Unique in the Netherlands

This is the only course in the Netherlands for creators of autonomous music theatre.

Well-known festivals

Want to show your skills? You will have the opportunity to do internships at renowned theatre companies and perform at well-known festivals.


For makers of contemporary music theatre. You will develop new concepts and explore the possibilities of new technology on stage.

Forge your own path

Combine making, performing and teaching in professional practice, and learn to develop your own artistry.

Inspire each other

You will work with students from other ArtEZ art courses to push each other to a higher level.

Combine disciplines

You will learn to think and work from both a musical and theatrical perspective, creating theatre shows, performances, installations and events.

Self-willed artists who are averse to limitations

Music theatre comes in many forms, but at ArtEZ in Arnhem you learn to combine music and theatre to create your own music theatre in which you yourself can play. Think of theatre shows, performances, installations and events. Music and theatre are the starting points in this course. You learn to bring them together, but you will also use dance, literature, fashion and art.

This study includes instrumental and vocal classes, but music is more broadly defined with attention to sound, hip-hop, spoken word and music technology. You will have acting, direction and movement classes where performance-oriented working and thinking are central. In this way, you become a self-willed, creative artist who, from the very first year of training, creates their own work in which they combine various art disciplines. In the second half of the study you choose your own direction based on your preferences and your qualities.

Music theatre at ArtEZ teaches you to think and work with the performance in mind. You learn the skills to feature in your own work as an actor or musician. During the course you develop your own repertoire. Are you self-willed, curious and inquisitive? Then ArtEZ's Music Theatre course is for you. As an artist you learn to question yourself and the world around you. That is why certain subjects, such as philosophy, pay close attention to developments in society.