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Podcast for 8 plus about fear and truly being brave

Sometimes a crisis can bring something nice to the table.
Consider you are doing your final exams and you have just made a lovely performance. Then that @%$&*virus comes along and sends your masterpiece up into thin air, this is what it feels like to graduate. Even before your work is finished, you realize that your performance – therefore your graduation – will have to happen without any applause. Or in any case not live, which most certainly is the most pleasurable.

That sucks

Podcast for 8 plus about fear and truly being brave

But… what if you do some preliminary research that has to be done any way, and you manage to turn such a mishap into something attractive? Very attractive, enough so that it becomes a performance in its own right?

That is exactly what four students of Theatre Educator have done, in collaboration with Musical Theatre De Plaats. The result? A modern listening for 8 and above. The theme is fear, and being really brave, because those two are intimately related. If you listen to all five episodes, you discover parallels between many of the things that keep us busy. That is of course the world in which we all try to outsmart the corona virus.

Are you eight or older? Listen to the story of Yous and Minne on Spotify.

You can also listen to the story on the website of Theater de Plaats.

The applause is for
Concept and directing: Het Collectief Vier: Jolieke BakEvelien Kanters, Loïs Lint en Bregt van Deursen
Actors: Dorine Aben, Leendert Bosch, Alexander Schuitema, Minne Thomas, Jolieke Bak, Evelien Kanters, Loïs Lint en Bregt van Deursen
Begeleiding: Nicole Vervloed
Dramaturgy: Emma Berentsen | Textual advice: Daniël Klunder | Muziek: Luuk van Rosmalen | Audio design: Rinus Aarts

About the performance…What goes unseen
One fine morning Minne wakes up. Everything is slightly different to normal: parents whisper in the kitchen, no more television is allowed and the square in the street looks desolate. Yous´s parents, Minne´s neighbour and best friend, all have red marks around their necks.
Yous and Minne investigate. What is going on? Who is the enemy that have turned their lives upside down? And what if the enemy is no longer in sight? Is he maybe invisible? How can you fight something that is invisible?

The performance that will be constructed through podcasts, will be shown around october.