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Dr Pavlos Kountouriotis- Head of Master Theatre Practices

Dr Pavlos Kountouriotis is a choreographer, performance artist and the Head of the Master Theatre Practices at ArtEZ University of the Arts. He has worked with seminal artists such as Trisha Brown, Ron Athey, Mårten Spångberg, Jonathan Burrows, Ann Liv Young, Boris Charmatz, Mehmet Sanders and others. Pavlos’ own performance work deals with the body as a subject, object, canvas and tool of the performance. His work has been presented in several art venues, festivals and theatres and galleries around the world. He is a fervent fan of logical thinking, is currently obsessed with systems that exhaust themselves without the fear that prompts human intervention. He has been a resident choreographer at Kampnagel, Seoul Dance Centre, Halle 2, Live Art Development Agency, Manchester Greenroom and elsewhere.

He studied for his PhD at the University of Roehampton (London, UK) with a scholarship from the Catholic Church and the Sacred Heart Foundation, did his post-doc research at P.A.R.T.S. (Brussels, BE) and he has two Masters from LABAN (London, UK) and the University of Leiden (NL).

The last few years Pavlos has worked as the Artistic Director of the Postgraduate Residency Studios (PRES) in Kassel, Professor at the University of Malta, at SOZO-VIM, and S.E.A.D. and as a Senior Lecturer, being the Program Director of the MA/MFA Choreographing Live Art (University of Lincoln). He was also the founder and Artistic Director of the GNARL Fest, the East Midlands Platform for International Live Art and Choreography.

Dr João da Silva- Senior Research Fellow

Dr. João da Silva is a queer movement artist and educator with a background in Experimental Dance, Choreography, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Theatre Studies. Currently he is senior lecturer and research fellow at ArtEZ University of the Arts, working with the Bachelor Dance, the International Master Artist Educator and the Master of Theatre Practices Programs as well as the Professorship Theory in the Arts. He is also regularly invited as external advisor and assessor elsewhere. His writings have been published in Kinesis (University of Arts Helsinki), ArtEZ Press, Dutch Society for Dance Research, Transcript and Inflexions.

At the moment he is not engaged in making art. He rather probes the artistic dimension of everything he does, professionally and personally. This, alongside his childlike curiosity, is the fuel that propels him and his pedagogic practice forward. His current interests also revolve around ‘artistic research’ and practices of intimacy.

He conceived and was the head of the Master of Choreography Program at ArtEZ (2002-2014) and has danced, among others, with Quilombo (Brazil) and Dance Alliance (directed by Mary O’Donnell Fulkerson). He has also choreographed a number of small scale works, also for theatre.

photo. Marije vd Berg, Audience 2
Photo Marije van den Berg

Dr Konstantina Georgelou- Lecturer

Dr Konstantina Georgelou is an Amsterdam-based performing arts theorist, dramaturg and researcher. She works at the ArtEZ Master of Theatre Practices (and previously at the ArtEZ Master of Choreography) and at the Department of Media and Culture at Utrecht University, where she completed her PhD research (performless: operations of l’informe in postdramatic theatre, 2011). Konstantina collaborates with various university departments and art institutions in Europe and she regularly acts as an advisor for dance and theatre makers who pursue artistic research (in ArtEZ, DAS, THIRD, Dansateliers etc.).

Her research spans over the areas of dramaturgy, choreography, philosophy and artistic research. The driving question for her work seems to always be ‘How can we be and act together?’, which motivates her to explore artistic, discursive and activist practices as articulations of the political, and to research in-practice collective modes of production in theory and in the arts.

She has published writings internationally, such as with Performance Research Journal, Performance Paradigm, Maska, Routledge, Palgrave MacMillan; she recently co-authored The Practice of Dramaturgy: Working on Actions in Performance (Valiz, 2017) and co-edited the issue ‘On Names’ (Performance Research Journal, 2017). She has worked together with several artists including Zhana Ivanova, Danae Theodoridou, Janez Janša, Efrosini Protopapa, Mladen Alexiev, Katja Heitmann, Ingrid Berger Myhre and Apostolia Papadamaki.

Dr Pedro Manuel- Lecturer and Production Manager

Dr Pedro Manuel is a theatre maker, theorist and tutor, born in Lisbon and based in Amsterdam.
He holds a degree in Philosophy concluded with a essay about theatre and mimesis departing from Deleuze’s text “Plato and the Simulacrum” (FCT-UNL) and a MA in Theatre Studies where he investigated a lineage of discourses associated with the idea of staging ’life through lack of life’ departing from Tadeusz Kantor’s manifesto “The Theatre of Death” (FL-UL). This line of inquiry lead him to develop and conclude a PhD research on contemporary theatre without actors, namely performances where performative agency is enacted by spectators, non-actors, animals, landscape and technology (Utrecht University).
In higher education, he has lectured and tutored on aesthetics, theatre studies, artistic research, as well as mentoring artistic work, in institutions such as IADE and ESTAL (PT), ECA-UEM (MZ), Utrecht University and ArtEZ (NL). He has been sharing research in various conferences and published in specialized magazines and journals such as in Textos e Pretextos, Sinais de Cena, Performance Research, Theaterkrant, Platform.
As a theatre maker, Pedro has been moved by how making-appear entails a make-believe, employing strategies of representation, participation and demonstration. He is attracted to forms of perceiving the natural and of representing the supernatural, and is curious with forms of expanded acting in the arts, science and politics. He has shown work in Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, CCB, FATAL, Festival Temps D’Images, Festival Escrita na Paisagem, as well as in Frascati Theater, FLAM, Rozentheater, Roodkapje Rotterdam, Het Huis Utrecht.
His current research interests associate performance studies, theatre history, media and cultural studies, post-colonialism, spectrality studies and post-human philosophies such as object-oriented thinking and new materialism.
sites: art. work / academia / tumblr

Support Team

Mrs Wendy de Visser- Programme Coordinator

Ms Ulrike von Meier- Learners' Coordinator

Before working at ArtEZ, Ms Ulrike von Meier was a professional free lance harpist, specialised in contemporary music working in the Netherlands and touring around Europe. The projects where she got to play new compositions by young composers were the most rewarding. Ms von Meier found that witnessing and helping the creation of art by the future artists is inspiring and exiting! This is still an important aspect of her work today.
Ms Ulrike von Meier works at ArtEZ since 2009, the first 7 years at the Music Department at the Education Office and now as Learners' Coordinator at the MTP.

She will probably the first person you will get in touch with if you are interested in studying at the MTP. She is responsible for all students and during your studies she is the one to approach with all your questions.

Guest artists / lecturers 2014-2019

  • Verena Stenke (DE)
  • Andrea Pagnes (IT)
  • Fenia Kotsopoulou (UK/GR)
  • Daz Disley (UK)
  • Astarti Athanasiadou (GR/NL)
  • Fransien van der Putt (NL)
  • Joachim Robbrecht (NL)
  • Michael Laub (BE)
  • Janez Jansa (SI)
  • Jacoba Bruneel (UK)
  • Danae Theodoridou (GR)
  • Judith Wambacq (BE)
  • Dood Paard (NL)
  • Bruno Listopad (PT/NL)
  • Liesbeth Groot-Nibbelink (NL)
  • Eva Karzcag (NL)
  • Mirjan van Imschoot (NL)
  • Meg Stuart (US)
  • Benjamin Verdonck (BE)
  • Alana Jelinek (AU/UK)
  • Lotte van den Berg (NL)
  • Jonathan Burrows (UK)
  • Matteo Fargio (UK)
  • Andrea Božić (NL/HR)
  • Ant Hampton (UK)
  • Zhana Ivanova (BU/NL)
  • Sarah van Lamsweerde (NL)
  • Halory Goerger (FR)
  • Dominique Gilliot (FR)
  • Lara Staal (NL)
  • Rainer Hoffman (DE)

Amongst many others