Interior Designer


"Vision and craftsmanship should complement one another: Intentionally and aesthetically. Shaping within the space or an object." 

Holger Mührmann
Interior Designer Programme Coordinator


Through this unique two-year programme which turns students into interior designers, ArtEZ has established itself as the leading academy in the field of Interior Design since 2007.

Think and act

Throughout this course, there is a constant interplay between the hands and the head; between thinking and acting. The main goal is that vision and craftsmanship should complement one another: intentionally and aesthetically.


Throughout your course, you will discover the methodologies and areas of expertise that suit you most. After all, your personal identity and individuality pave the way for you to become a critical and authentic designer. After graduation, you can begin work as an interior designer for a company or you can continue your studies. This programme will provide the creative and technical skills, as well as the introspection and drive that are critical to your future profession.

Space and sensory perception

We educate students to become spatial designers, who use an experimental and creative approach to design interior spaces. This emphasis is not only on the functional and technical aspects, but also on an open and astute perception of space.