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The Design Art Technology course at the Academy of Art & Design in Arnhem is a design course with a clear theoretical foundation.

Design, technology and visual arts

Design Art Technology is an outstanding and challenging course for students who wish to combine their technical knowledge with the creativity of design. The course is based on the relationship between design, technology and visual arts.

Designers of the future

In our modern society, so many human activities are supported by computers and digital media. In the future, innovations will offer more opportunities than those we can currently foresee. Design Art Technology trains designers who wish to immerse themselves in these technologies and enables them to develop new interactive applications, spatial installations and audiovisual presentations. Such designers shape complex databases and dynamic information, which change their form and appearance through interactive operations. In this way, they leave their mark on how we communicate with each other, both now and in the future.

Design concept is the foundation of Design Art Technology

Design Art Technology is a design course with a clear theoretical foundation. It is not a programming course, even though you will acquire basic knowledge and skills in programming. The decisive factor for the design and transfer of interactive information is not technology, but rather it is the design concepts and principles that precede them.