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ArtEZ Connected

ArtEZ Connected

Are you a student and do you have musical talent? With this multi-year preparatory course in Zwolle you will increase your chance of being admitted to a music course.

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In het kort

  • Working days full of workshops and rehearsals at the Academy
  • Music theory lessons with a teacher from your (music) school
  • Some major subject classes from a Conservatory teacher
  • Choice of five study options: Jazz & Pop, MediaMusic, Classical Music, Music Therapy and Music in Education

This preparatory course can be followed at various participating schools.

After the course you will be well prepared for the entrance exam and know whether a music study is something for you.

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The basic program focuses on Jazz & Pop, MediaMusic, Classical Music, Music Therapy and Music in Education.

  • Weekly music theory lesson from a school music teacher. These lessons prepare you for the admission level of the ArtEZ Academy of Music
  • Three major subject classes at the Academy (in addition to the regular vocal/instrumental lessons by your own music school or private teacher)
  • Two working days with workshops and rehearsals at ArtEZ
  • Evening play(s) at school
  • Parent interviews (for secondary school students)
  • Transitional auditions at ArtEZ

The program may differ slightly from school to school.


Final music theory exam

At the end of the preparatory course you take a music theory exam at the ArtEZ Academy of Music. If the result is satisfactory, you will receive a certificate, with which you are admitted to the Academy for the theory. This certificate is valid for one year.

Transition auditions

Every year you play for a committee that monitors your progress. The theory teacher and the music school or private teacher are also involved in the progress report.


Admission is possible from the second year of havo/vwo or vmbo-t. The entrance exams take place in May and June. During the exam at ArtEZ you play a prepared repertoire.

1. Music Theory entry requirements

  • In the entrance test for theory, it is checked whether your musical ear in particular is sufficient to be able to start the preliminary training.

    You get a series of simple exercises for this:

    • Singing a tone
    • Singing a melody
    • Clap a rhythm
    • Hear how many tones sound at the same time

    Notation is also used. For example, you will see a melody and then hear a slightly different melody. Then you will be asked where the deviation is.

    In addition, you may be asked to perform simple sheet rhythm patterns.

    You do not need to prepare anything for this test.

    One point of attention: you should be able to read a bit of music. If you are not yet able to do this, you should teach yourself before the test, possibly with the help of your teacher.

2. Audition Admission Requirements

  • The audition lasts a maximum of 30 minutes and is conducted by a committee of at least 3 teachers.

    You prepare 3 works from different style periods, including at least 1 etude.

  • The audition lasts half a day and consists of a group audition and a solo audition.

    The group audition

    Candidates are divided into groups. During this part, a pre-specified number is worked on. You will be notified of this at least 3 weeks before the entrance exam. This audition is mainly about collaboration, creativity and musicality.

    What is being expected from you:

    • You know the song very well (by heart).
    • You know the shape of the number.
    • You made a chord chart of this song. This can be made with the help of a teacher or a chord chart from the internet that has been well checked. For the singers: make a chord part in the key that suits your voice. You are able to count in the number.
    • You've thought about an intro and an outro.
    • You can perform the piece as in the original version, but also think about: What do you want to do with the song yourself (different groove / time signature / improvisations / atmosphere / pace etc..). During this part a coach is present to guide the realization of the performance by the group. Each group presents the number to all participants of the entrance audition.

    The solo audition

    For the solo audition you have to prepare 3 pieces of your choice, different in atmosphere and pace. The committee can choose to have only one of those three songs played. You may bring an accompanying person. The solo audition is for the committee and all participants.

  • The audition has two phases:

    You send us 2 productions, which must be received at least 3 weeks before the practical admission. Please explain your production on the following points:

    • Which software, which hardware (microphones, mixing console, etc.)
    • Which parts did you play yourself, sang yourself
    • Which parts have been added in a different way (sample loop, note drawing)
    • Have you worked with notation (chord charts for example)
    • How did you do the mixing/mastering

    If a committee assesses these productions as satisfactory, the next phase follows:

    You prepare 2 pieces, different in atmosphere and pace, on your main instrument. During your audition you will also be tested on your skills on a keyboard instrument. It is an advantage if you have basic skills in playing the piano/keys, but you will not be judged on this!

  • The content of the audition for candidates for the last years of secondary education:

    1. You prepare 2 songs in different atmosphere and pace, of which at least 1 song/song with your own accompaniment. This accompaniment may be with piano or guitar.
    2. Candidates are divided into groups. During this part, a pre-specified number is worked on. You will be notified of this at least 3 weeks before the entrance exam. This audition is mainly about collaboration, creativity and musicality.
    3. Teach either the committee or the other candidates an a cappella song of your own choice.

    The audition for candidates in the last year of secondary education is the same as for the internal preparatory course and takes place in one of the three ArtEZ cities (can therefore also mean that a candidate from Zwolle has to go to Arnhem).

Participating schools

Almelo: CSG Het Noordik - info@noordik.nl
Emmen: Esdal College - Alyona Schuiling, a.schuiling@esdalcollege.nl
Harderwijk: Popschool Harderwijk - Jeffrey Migchelsen, jeffrey@popschoolharderwijk.nl
Meppel: Stad & Esch - Hans Hooijer, hhooijer@stadenesch.nl

Deltion College - Geert Topper, gtopper@deltion.nl
Greijdanus College - Herman Weelink, h.weelink@greijdanus.nl
Meander College - Albert Dam, adam@meandercollege.nl
Van der Capellen Scholengemeenschap - Jaap de Jong, j.dejong@ooz.nl

More info

Looking for more information about the class schedule, costs or the specific program, please contact our Program Coordinator, João Ramos Marta via j.ramosmarta@artez.nl.

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