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Anne Eding in KINTSUGI (final Tom Jaspers, Master Music Theatre ) | Photographer: Naomi Noltes

Music Theatre

Anne Eding in KINTSUGI (final Tom Jaspers, Master Music Theatre ) | Photographer: Naomi Noltes
  • Master's
  • 2 years, full-time
  • Dutch
  • Arnhem

The master's course Music Theater deepens and broadens your craftsmanship as a music theater maker. You are challenged to intensively research your own signature: what is your artistic source, what do you want to convey and and how do you make that theatrical? Where, how and for whom? Through individual projects with our partners Orkater, Orkest de Ereprijs, Theater Sonnevanck and a masterclass from Via Berlin, you get yourself involved and explicitly relating to the field of work.

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Music Theatre

Why choose the master's course Music Theatre

One of a kind master's course

This ArtEZ master's course is the only Music Theatre course at master's level in the Netherlands!

Room to grow

Challenging master classes by Via Berlin and total freedom to shape your route and study programme.

Firmly rooted in practice

Get a unique insight into practice by working with our partner institutions: Orkater, Theater Sonnevanck and Orkest De Ereprijs.

Develop yourself as a music theatre maker

Discover your DNA as an independent performer and music theatre maker, and position yourself in the social and cultural domain.

Different disciplines under the same roof

Tailor-made programme with various disciplines under one roof, allowing room for cross-disciplinary collaborations.

Expand the professional field with renewed relevance

Once graduated, you are ready to shape, renew and broaden the field of work as a music therapy maker.

Your ambition, your route

As a Master student in Music Theatre, you create your own music theatre practice. The course helps you become (more) aware of your unique identity as professional specialist. To be flexible, proactive and see opportunities. You learn to explore the subjects that inspire you and discover how you can find suitable forms for them. After graduating, you are ready to take your place in the field as a music theatre performer and maker at master level. More importantly: you can shape, renew and broaden the field.

You learn to position yourself and explore your work in relation to other makers. This enables you to make stronger choices.
FALK HÜBNER, research supervisor
Curious what alumni and students have to say about this master's course in Music Theatre? Check out this video:

This master course has been accredited by the NVAO and, as a result, been included in the 2022 Master’s Guide.