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DAI Art Praxis

  • Master's
  • 2 years, full-time
  • English
  • Arnhem

Farewell bricks, farewell walls. Mobilize our bodies, our intelligences. DAI explores the today's challenges: through curating, listening, making, performing, publishing, reading, studying, wandering, thinking, articulating and writing. But also by being a "wilderness".

DAI Art Praxis

In brief

  • Variety of praxes at the intersections of art and theory.
  • “Wild space” to actually live together and to develope languages that help to change ourselves and our communities for the better.
  • Educational process into a wide variety of spaces, navigating between locations, institutions, practices and ideas.
  • Monthly DAI Week: an experimental learning environment, think tank, networking platform, theory camp.

“So often, we perceive places as dots spread out in space and our relation to them is one of connecting the dots by drawing a line. The dots remain discrete entities and the lines subordinated to them. A different form of thinking can be posited as follows: the line, the movement itself, takes on the primacy and the dots are but temporary appearances and remain subjected to the lines. How to engender this pure movement seems to be key here”

Researcher, writer and DAI tutor You Mi in her text "Modes of Organization, Caring and Thinking—report on DAI’s COOP SUMMIT 2018