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Upon graduation

Upon graduation

During the iMAE course, you work on building a portfolio you can use in your professional life. It contains unique contexts and agendas, which could help in the professional world or when applying for the funding of projects. Once graduated, you are prepared for the complex reality of your role as an artist in society. As an iMAE graduate, you are an agent of change: you are in the rhythm of questioning what is important, what is urgent and how to relate to this as an artisteducator.

Ever-changing work field

For an artisteducator, there is no line separating the studio from the world. As a student you are gaining knowledge, expertise and experience to prepare to become a graduate who is ready to respond to societal urgencies, changing every day. Through making transformative art, artisteducators dedicate themselves to asking unanswered questions and how to respond.

View the example of iMAE alumna Caro de Feijter, who used arts based research to develop methods of support that could help people who grieve in her graduation project ‘a tea party with broken teacups’.

And I realise, I can do these things because I learned to work with people, rather than to make work about them. 
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iMAE students during a Site Specific College in the Negev desert in Israel-Palestine


The contemporary artisteducator must be an entrepreneur who is capable of building project plans that meet the needs and expectations of multiple stakeholders. Artisteducators are professionals who are able to manage both human and financial resources.

iMAE graduates will find work in the context of social practice and community arts. They get to be social and creative entrepreneurs, who will keep on influencing this growing field of practice. They create new models of praxis (combinations of practice and theories) that will lead to the production of new ground breaking projects. They work in multiple settings and apply their work to and with international Non-Governmental Organisations, schools, colleges and community education programmes.

The ArtEZ Art Business Centre (ABC) is the centre for entrepreneurship within ArtEZ. It provides the links to the labour market and the business world.

Title and diploma

Upon successful completion of the international Masters Artist Educator programme, you are entitled to use the academic title Master of Education (MEd).

This course can be found in the Centraal Register Opleidingen Hoger Onderwijs (CROHO) by the code 49117. The formal name of the programme under which this course is CROHO registerd, is Master Education in Arts. This CROHO-name will be on your diploma.